The War Takes A Change

Hey guys, the ST, SW, PW vs. Extremes, Green Fire of CP & Extreme Sprinters war is escalating. Before I tell you what’s happening now, I will show you how it started:

Snow Warriors are usually a small army Top 10 army now. They did nothing to the Extremes of CP. Extremes randomly declares war on Snow Warriors then. On the same day they declared war, Sky Troops joined the Snow Warriors side. Then GFCP & ESCP. Somewhere in the war, ESCP had trash-talked a former Small Top 10 army, Platinum Warriors. Upset, they declared war on ESCP, and a few days later ESCP was killed off by their own leader and gave their servers to GFCP & Extremes.

On Easter Sunday, the 24th of April, Alex Cone, the Sky Troops Leader, officially took the army out of war, for these reasons:

Yes everybody, our war with the Extremes is over. Why? Because we have done our job. We helped defend our brother allies, the Snow Warriors and defended our own nation while taking some of theirs. It was a fun little war, but we have to set our priorities straight…

Most recently, even though the war almost seemed to be over, Snow Warriors posted this on their site:

Yes…Extremes are too stubborn to admit defeat. Yet, they have won ZERO of the battles in this war so far. They have 3 invasions planned, including one DURING our battle with Scouts. Hopefully Sky Troops will help defend Yukon for us while we battle Scouts, if not, no worries, we’ll be invading all of their servers after our defenses. Looks like that Invasion Practice will come in handy. Anyways, cut to the chase, here’s the info…

It seems ECP is still attacking SW. After their many victories, even 1 on Yukon, SW is taking three big invasions on some times that don’t fit their schedule. Your Opinion, Please:
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  1. The Blue sky warriors may get involved cause one of my best solider is insistently one of the leaders of SW so BSW may get involved

  2. My army, GFCP is not in the war Sky Troops cancelled their declaration of war on us. Snow Warriors have not done anything to threaten my army. ESCP was killed off due to lack of activity and no publicity. Even though I’m 2ic on Extremes I WILL NOT participate in battles with them and SW or ST as it will lead to an attack on my army

  3. Heard about this. CPGT MIGHT get involved. But we are really busy. So if we do the war might be over by the time it happens.

    Gvs invading EXtremes. Both alliences are welcome and I’m hoping GV could finaly be involved in something epic 😆

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