Small Top 10 27/04/11

I won’t be here Friday so I guess I’m doing this now. A new army got RAOTW this week, and that army is…


Let’s rumble!

1. Purple Heads (+1) – It’s official, purple is taking over the Top 10! It’s not hard to see why, while armies like PH are rising back to medium and SPAAF is returning to its former glory. PH’s next endeavor is the practice battle against Golden Troops. Good luck Purple Heads, on your quest to return.

2. Club Penguin Green Team (+4) – I think CPGT has made the most appearances (in my time) in the Top 5 without ever getting 1st. CPGT looks to finish off that notorious record quickly in a PB against the Purple Heads. CPGT has fully recovered from their long-term drought in my opinion.

3. Sky Troops (+2) – No offense to CPAE, but you really underestimated ST. Only 4 days ago, unscheduled recruiting with 11 on CP occurred. I expect ST to rise to medium very soon, if not, they already categorized in medium in my opinion if not soon to be medium.

4. SPAAF (+3) – SPAAF is picking up quickly now. They are led by ATM, an RPF 2ic. SPAAF is thriving and is moving up, on their “Rise to Glory”. This is not a first rise for SPAAF though. They first roamed the CPA world way back and are just now coming back to life they once knew.

5. Thunder Troops (NEW!) – Congratulations on a recent win against Global Defenders, a former 1st place Small army for Flippers (now Medium)! TT is growing is already getting known. TT averages almost 10, and are becoming a Top Notch small army. TT’s victory on Flippers is a sign they are rising.

6. Blue Sky Warriors (+4) – BSW is so close to the Top 5. Blue Sky Warriors plan to join the war I most recently posted on. They are definitely moving up. BSW’s next agenda is To Be Announced. BSW is a powerful force and may change the war going on forever.

7. Wizards of CP (NEW!) – The Wizards of CP have grown. They once were a very, very tiny army. They now are a growing group of army who get 10 and this army is a rocketship ready to be set off. They are fighting NCP in all out war in a different story than the one I posted.

8. United States of CP (NEW!) – A rising force from the creator of the CPaviators , Grant42. The USCP is currently not at the level of CPA, but in time, I believe they will rise to the CPA’s glorious size. The USCP having a PB with Red Miners of CP is their first PB since it was born.

9. Snow Warriors (-1) – Tired of the Extremes, SW is owning the war on Extremes. Extremes keep throwing the bombs on SW’s servers, and SW keeps fending them off. After ST exited war and PW entered, SW is preparing for a few defenses in which one will be assisted by the Sky Troops.

10. Blue Warriors (-6) – Two retirements are putting this army in reform. One of their leaders is causing an issue, which is now causing inactivity in wars, which the leaders are currently not doing. BW needs to fix something fast, or they will slip away into the death of a once great army.



11. Red Miners of CP

12. Ducks of CP’

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27 Responses

  1. It’s the Club penguin Green team xP PH are PBing CP Green team

  2. Where did GD go? Are they considered Medium Now?

  3. If the senate of the BSW agree to help our allies more we shall be in a declaration of war with WCP and the ECP war

    • Breaking news:The BSW has joined in two wars the WCP v.s NCP and the SW V.S ECP this is official from the BSW leader Weatherboy1

  4. SPAAF’s Rise To Glory…

  5. Yes USCP

  6. Where the **** are Storm Warriors. We are bigger than the duck army.

  7. Thunder Troops Massive Rise! And yet 1 vote on poll

  8. Also, PH is having a pb with CPGT not GT..

  9. Here are Storm Warriors Pictures. We should at least be number 7.

    Look Who’s bigger now!

    conside for top ten

  11. You know how old that Pic of Spaff is like two months old check them now

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