TTT Round 2: NW vs. IV Results

Hello there, everyone! This past Saturday, the Night Warriors and the Ice Vikings battle for a coveted spot in the finals of the TTT!

Once again, sorry for the late post. I was hoping someone else would post since I wasn’t here.

Anyways, this battle wasn’t as close as the ACP vs. IW battle. The IV fought hard, but gave in to the NW eventually:

So, obviously, the winner of this battle is…

The Night Warriors!

Congratulations! You will be in the finals!

Sklooperis: CPA Central CEO

13 Responses

  1. IV barely had anyone 😆
    It was surprising they managed to beat UMA in the first round.

  2. I knew Nw was easily going to win. First Nw has a big army and iv doesn’t have a big size as them. second, NW tactics were slightly better than IV’s tactics. I hope they win the tournament

  3. What tactics, Nw uses clones and Bots. 😛 Pathetic way to win battles.

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