Top Ten Tackle – The Final Battle – RESCHEDULED


Yes, it is time. The first 9 battles have taken place, and it’s time for the Battle #10 of the Top Ten Tackle – The Finals.

The Final Battle will take place between 3 armies that have integrated themselves not only in army history, but it has been a very long time since any of them have been outside of the Top 4: The Army of Club Penguin vs. The Nachos vs. The Night Warriors.

Also, in case you missed it, here’s the results from the Round 2 Battles:

Round 2: ACP vs. IW
Round 2: NW vs. IV
Round 2: Nachos vs. WW

This battle will take place in midday this coming Saturday to allow for each army to reach their maximum potential. Here’s the info:

TOP TEN TACKLE: The Final Battle

Date: Saturday, April 2nd, 2011
➡ 11 AM PST
➡ 12 PM MST (Noon)
➡ 1 PM CST
➡ 2 PM EST
➡ 7 PM GMT
Server: Snow Bank

Alright, the battle is set! Make it great, everyone!

Sklooperis: CPA Central CEO

41 Responses


  2. 2~

  3. They’re never going to be able to fit into one room; will it just be a size standoff again?

    • if it is i think it will come down to nachos and nw becuz with acps new leadership…idk how it will go.

  4. hmmmmm here’s my view acp will be at plaza and forts nachos will be at box of demsion and desert demsion and NW will be at town and dock

  5. i destroyed the f5 button

  6. Nachos in the box dimension will put them way out of the way. D: But anyways, this will be quite the thing to watch.

  7. I WAS RIGHT! Nachos NW an ACP will be in the Championship!


  9. hmmm all the top 3 major armies in the final battle. Who would of guessed that? 🙄

  10. This battle should be divided up into parts. A euro battle and a western hemisphere battle so the armies may have a chance to fight

  11. Battle is postponed due to someone’s stupid bots.

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