Tournaments; The Effect On Armies

Tournaments for some armies can be very Positive. However, there are several Negative Points in tournaments for the armies. Click “Read More” to see what I am talking about, and the effects on armies.

An army entering a tournament can sometimes be a big gamble. The army could suffer from multiple events, or it could be that they lose to a very small army, the troops lose confidence, and leave. Here are the GOOD and BAD effects of a tournament for armies.


  • The Army Could Win – The most obvious advantage of a tournament. If an army wins they get the “Best Army in CP” and also get the huge moral boost.
  • They Could Beat an Army Bigger Than Them – For some armies, this isn’t possible (Eg. ACP, NW, Nachos). But a lot of armies would face an army bigger than them. Beating them would be a huge morale booster (Eg. WW beating DW).
  • More Events – Would only be an advantage if they have very little events before the tournament. If they had 1 event a week, this would help.
  • Fun for the Troops – Being a leader of a few armies before and now, I know the troops love to participate in tournaments. They love the thrill of a tournament battle.


  • The Army Could Lose – If the army lost, they could feel very small, and sometimes would not pick themselves up after losing in a tournament.
  • They Could Get Small Numbers – If they had small numbers, the tournament organizer (and CPAC), would notice that they had small numbers and the army would get a bad reputation.
  • Too Many Events – An army could invade them on the same day, or at the same time, which would lead to a build-up of events. The army would be in big trouble if that happened.
  • Stress For The Leaders – Having been a leader, I know they would get stressed becuase they know it’s win or lose (More stress if they lose). This could lead to depression, and result in a possible retirement.

Overall, tournaments don’t just have a good effect. There is a huge downside to tournaments for the army and the tournament organizers. Here is an interview with ACP Moderator and CPAC Secondary Head, Bluesockwa.


Kingfunks4: Hai, Kingfunks here representing CPAC!

Bluesockwa: Hello, Funks.

Kingfunks4: What do you think about tournaments: Good or Bad?

Bluesockwa: I believe tournaments can give some up-and-coming armies a chance to prove themselves, without actually taking the chance of going to war. However, tournaments can sometimes cause problems when armies think they were unfairly knocked out of the compeition.

Kingfunks4: Can it start the rising of some armies (For example the WW re-start?)

Bluesockwa: It can, if the army beats an army bigger then they are. This could give them confidence and show that they are more powerful then we may have thought.

Kingfunks4: Can you think of anymore negative effects of tournaments?

Bluesockwa: Well, they can also sometimes cause armies to fall due to a loss of confidence, or another army becoming more powerful than they are.

Kingfunks4: Thanks for your time!

Bluesockwa: Thank you. 🙂


II (Interview Interagation): Bluesockwa thought that a tournament can sometimes give armies the ability to rise, or the loss of confidence to fall. He also thinks it could cause problems when an army think they clearly won, but the “judge” disagrees.

MOO (My Own Opinion): I agree with Blue. However, I think it depends on the scale of the loss to say if the army would fall. If an army like UMA got 5, they would fall badley, losing to an army like WV who get 15.

YOO (Your Own Opinion): Comment answering the following question. Do you think tournaments effect armies?


Thanks for reading my post on CPAC.


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  1. Good post Funks. 🙂

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  4. There is only one problem I have with cp army tourneyments. If your judging a battle, make a F’n call. Don’t just call it a “tie” because “both armies did well”. Look at the NCAA tourneyment for example. Butler and Florida both played well. However, only Butler is going to the Final Four.

    InEvery tourneyment we have had there has been some tie involved because the judge does not want to deal with the constant flame. You have one winner and one looser. Like it or not, flame is going to happen…

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  6. Yea, thanks for copying my CPAE post Funks -_-

  7. OMG Kingsfunk, you stole my post idea for my website 🙁 WHY???

  8. better example for armiess beating larger amries: IV VS. IW in the Holiday Smackdown. They beat the number 4 army (yes at the time the DW ranked 9th in the top 10 and lost during the Round Robins of it, and the only armies larger than them were ACP, NW, and Nachos)
    for the YOO: I think you stole my post idea XD

  9. Too short.
    Idc if its over 500 words that took me 1-2 minutes to read. I also looked at Zak’s post and yeah you pretty much stole the idea from it.

  10. Tournaments: The one thing Space-age game fans and Fantasy game fans agree on.

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