Leadership Changes||DCP Is Back? [UPDATED]

UPDATE 5:05 EST: DCP are officially back. Their new site is here.

Hey everyone,

Recently several armies have undergone leadership changes, which I will discuss here, as well as some issues involving the recent FW/DCP merge.

On March 24th, Mchappy, the 17th Leader of ACP, officially announced his retirement. It was originally planned for him to choose between Flipper and Kenneth for the leadership, but as both said they wanted the other’s help, Mchappy declared they would share the leadership.

This makes Flipper7706 and Kenneth1000 the 18th Leaders of the Army of Club Penguin.

Now for a CPAC exclusive interview with Kenneth, one of ACP’s new leaders. (Flipper wasn’t on at the time)

Interview with Kenneth1000, ACP Leader

Blue2: Hello, Ken.

Blue2: What plans do you and Flipper have to put in motion now that you are the ACP Leaders?

Ken: We haven’t discussed much yet, but we plan on reducing the number of mods, getting ACP more active and adopting a Constitution. We also plan on bringing back the divisions.

Blue2: Who else will be included in the leadership(e.g. 2nd in commands, 3rd in commands)?

Ken: We haven’t decided 3ics yet, but Noka has been promoted to 2ic.

Blue2: Any possible ideas for who might be 3rd in command?

Ken: Maybe Jcapp or Johny. Khimo and Monsterfully are also possible.

Blue2: Well, I’ll be looking forward to seeing what you decide. Thank you for your time.

Ken: You’re welcome.

This interview gives some insights into Flipper and Ken’s plans for the ACP. We shall see how they do as leaders.


Yesterday the Fire Warriors 2 longtime leaders, Pringle64 and Pochama123 unofficially retired from FW. They placed Etac14 and Steve Tim in charge of FW. These two leaders now face they task of getting this once mighty army to rise again.

Now for another CPAC exclusive:

Interview with Steve Tim, FW Leader

Blue2: Hello Steve

Blue2: Do you and Etac have any plans you are going to put in motion as the FW leaders?

Steve: Well, we are going to have more events, PBs and maybe even a war.

Blue2: How are you planning to bring FW back into the Top Ten?

Steve: Mainly by gathering new recruits and winning battles against good armies.

Blue2: Finally, have there been any changes with the 2nd and 3rd in commands in the new administration?

Steve: Yes, Flurrz is a new 2ic and a couple of DCP owners are 3ics.

Blue2: Thank you for your time.

Steve: No problem.

Interview with Etac14, FW Leader

Blue2: Hello, Etac.

Etac: Hi Blue.

Blue2: How do you and Steve plan to get FW to rise again?

Etac: Holding a recruiting contest, getting people to come on chat more, scheduling a lot of events, and of course, getting ready for the Fogo Games.

Blue2: Do you have any other plans you are going to put in motion?

Etac: No, that’s basically it. The only thing that kept FW from rising was the lack of events, and we plan to have many fun events.

Blue2: Finally, what happened with the FW/DCP merge?

Etac: The DCP merge was canceled, since it didn’t benefit FW or DCP at all. In fact, everyone hated it. All the DCP troops that want to stay in FW are welcome to, but they will be given lower ranks.

Blue2: Thank you for your time.

Etac: You’re welcome.

These interviews also give us a glance into the new FW leadership. It is unknown if Pringle and Pochama will return, but for now, Etac and Steve are permanent leaders. We will see if and when FW rise; will they stay in the Top Ten or not?

Here is FW’s plan to rise again.


Finally, as you saw in my interview with Etac, the DCP/FW merge which would have ended DCP has been canceled.

This was posted on the FW site:

Okay, second announcement:

The DCP merge has been canceled. Any DCP member who came over from the merge: if you want to stay in FW, comment on this post with your name and rank. You must comment by next Sunday, 4/3/11.

This means that DCP troops who wish to stay may, but the armies are fully un-merged. It remains to be seen if DCP will restart, but for now, the CP Heroes are still on their site. Who knows what will happen to DCP now, but as of the time this was posted, the Doritos of Club Penguin remain a dead army. (I will update with any further developments as they come.)

Well, that’s about it. We will see how these leaders perform in their respective armies, and we shall also see what will become of the once mighty DCP.

What do you think of the new leaderships and of the cancellation of the DCP merge?

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  1. There, that sums up most of the past few days’ major news.

  2. I think that you should post the tourney results instead of being a few days late.

    • Oh yes. Where are the tournament results? It’s been 48 hours already, and no sign of the results.

      • I’m not sure how Skloop reviews it, and I went to none of the battles, so I can’t post them. GP is away, and Skloop hasn’t been on in several days, so I can’t ask him.

        I apoligize, they will be released as soon as possible.

  3. I am going to restart it. I am not releasing any information to the public until tomorrow.

  4. The Fire Warriors are devastated by our great loss. Steve and I accepted this high responsibility with solemn faces, mourning with sack cloths and ashes.

    I would also like to report that a few soldiers have died due to drowning in their tears.

  5. I have a feeling that FW and DCP are going into war.

  6. I will be raising hell and striking FW when it’s at it weakest point in the near future.
    No more hints 😐

  7. Can you do more Rising Armies & AOTW? XD I have a FEW good ones at this point.

    • Yeah sure, let’s go advertise more small and medium armies! Your Water Vikings seem like a good choice, why not do that?

      I mean of course, just put their banner on a post plus a some copied words from their site and make it into a post.

      If anyone is going to do AOTW or Rising Armies, please do it on MAJOR armies, and already well-known armies like RPF or something.

      I will snap if I see another ad like that again.

  8. So WW isn’t back? >:/

  9. Some new army called CP Heroes is on DCP site now.

  10. lol it takes two people to replace the 1 of Mchappy. :O

  11. Yay I’m another… wait what? I was the fourth choice for 3ic -.- I’M POSSIBLE THOUGH!


  12. For all of you who dont know DCP’s site,

  13. I would like to release this statement to the public concerning FW’s current situation with DCP and Alf, “Last night, Alf gave out the FW chat password in an act of rebellion for ending the merge with DCP. I do not know why, considering we were nice enough to give DCP a server back to get restarted. We have an upcoming PB with WW this Sunday. In the event that we do win the PB, FW will declare a state of war on DCP for a) Alf going crazy because we just wanted to end the merge and b) for Alf giving out our chat password and having our chat hacked. Check fwarmycp.com on Sunday evening for further details on our decision to declare war on DCP or not. Alf I really don’t understand why you’re so POed at us for ending the merge. Sheesh, we even gave you guys Snowfall back. But if you want war, whatever. It will all depend on our size Sunday.”~ *Steve Tim* ~ƒω.1i¢~

    • And that changes anything how? (smirk)

    • Shut up Bam.

    • Let’s say FW merged into IV. However, themerge didn’t do anything to help IV, plus everyone hated the merge. So you canceled it.

      Then, I give the pass to some person, then he resets chat, changes the chat background, then I ban all IV and owner all FW. Wouldn’t you get mad and declare war on FW??

      • No, i’d just report thier WordPress.

        • But they didn’t do anything to harm the WordPress blog, and Xat couldn’t do anything.

          Why can’t Xat do anything? Common sense. The chat wasn’t HACKED, one of the main owners changed the password and reset.

          BAHAHAHAHAHAHA by the way DCP, you failed in your troll picture. “Instrument” is not spelled “Instroment”.

          And you say WE fail?

          • Another reason to declare war.

          • Another reason to declare war. Dissing DCP -.-

  14. Blah the replies don’t work…at least not here..

  15. […] However, on the 28th March 2011, Blue posted about DCP’s return. That post can be viewed Here. Many people said DCP would not come back at all, but in a matter of weeks three former leaders […]

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