The End Of Mchappy’s Leadership

On the 24th March Mchappy, Former ACP Leader, announced on chat his retirement of the ACP. Then on the 25th March Bobcatboy, former ACP leader and current 2ic, posted it to make it offical (Mchappy also edited the post to add what he wanted to say).

According to the post, mchappy retired due to Depression. Following on from being dumped by Gabby. Mchappy’s part of Bob’s post said this…

Mchappy: Depression and bypolar.  Main reasons why I am leaving.  We all know what depression is, it got a hold of me.  I am a soft guy and I care a lot about my feelings, maybe a little bit too much.  If you don’t know what bypolar is it’s when someone has extreme emotions and they come randomly.  An example would be that I would be glad one moment and frustrated the next.  The way I think I was acting bypolar was because if I ever got frustrated I would swear, throw a fit: stomping, throwing things, crying, going ballistic, etc.  Sometimes I would take a rubber band and pull it up so it’d hit my wrist hard, I just got very bad thoughts.  I can get emotional so tiny things were a huge problem to me and things just seemed overwhelming.  Ya’ never know, I may come back if I can ever recover for what I’ve done to myself.  Yes, none of you caused it.  This was all my doing.  Just please remember the day of the ‘Winter Tournament’ against Ice Vikings.  That day we got 210 soldiers online, plus the rogues following us, and we had broken the record of the most amount of people on CP in a group, ever.  No one can accomplish what we did.  And I know we will hold that record for a very long time. I know I’m not a Boomer just because I lead us to get 210, yet I hope I was a fun one.

Sorry for things I’ve done wrong.

Who knows?  Maybe I’ll be like Boomer and Shaboomboom.  I may come back.  I hope, I really do.  I just need to work on my own feelings and how I control things.  I may still be in armies [hint: reporter], so I hope everyone will still be my friend.

A lot of people were thinking of a reblian in the ACP, due to him not saying anything for a while, and being on different chats while online. There were, however, a group of “Loyalist’s” who supported Mchappy whatever he did.

Bob Quoted:

“Now yes, some of us said he had changed when he became leader. But if you really could understand. . . If you really could be in the shoes of Icey Cold27.”

Charizard Quoted:

“One thing changes the most noble men; power, it controls people like puppets, corrupts them, and destroys them.”

Going around talking to people, a lot of them say Mchappy changed when he got leader. Most people’s responses are usually “Leader is a whole different concept to 2ic and 3ic”. Most people who have been leader of a top ten army, would agree that leader is a whole lot different to 2ic.

Some say that Mchappy was one of the leaders that could of been one of the best, but never flowered. He got a record-breaking 180 – 210 on CP, which breaks not only ACP records, but army records. Mchappy was also liked through-out his army, and there were not many people inside ACP who didn’t like him. Mchappy got this on ACP a lot of times…

However, Mchappy seemed to be on a losing streak before he left the ACP, adding to his frustration and depression. He used to be leader of the CPU, while he was 3ic. His old BFF, and CPU 2ic said…

Ollie Quoted:

“He will be sourly missed by CP Warfare”

Now Flipper, ACP 3ic, and Kenneth, ACP 2ic, are temp leaders until the end of the Month. Mchappy will soon pick the new leader, which will be Flipper or Kenneth.

Comment YOUR thoughts on Mchappy’s retirement


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  1. Interesting, though I am not surprised about Mchappy’s… problem. Especially when he basically said this:

    “Oh no, the Nachos made a picture of me and it makes me look fat, so I’m going to send my 150 green minions to attack them.”

  2. Aww

  3. I find it funny how I didn’t get a retirement post on CPAC and GP said they never posted about that yet they post about Mc.. Interesting.

    • Or because he’s still claiming he reached 210 troops and thinks he’s bypolar…Nah, that can’t be it.

  4. Same…

  5. I bet It will be Kenn, Flipper is not experienced enough;(No offense Flipper but your just to new).

    Icey was a good leader…


  6. You spelled Quoted wrong.

  7. Yesss hes gone

  8. he was a good leader

  9. What I don’t understand is, why do only ACP leaders’ retirements get posts on CPAC?

  10. Good Job Mchappy.

  11. That was a really good post King.
    Another thing though, dont anyone go saying it all changed when he became leader. Obviously McHappy has a problem in the REAL WORLD. You cant hit your wrist with rubberbands on CP. You all should feel bad about his problem and quit with all this bs on how its the stress of leading. Dont any of you know wats real?!?
    But seriously nicempost Kingfunk.

  12. Mchappy is turning into Billy; Making his personal life into excuses.

  13. I noticed how Mch always gets depressed every time ACP goes on a losing streak.

      • Becoming Bipolar is not funny. When I recovered from my “condition”, I felt pretty much the same way as Mch is saying. If a kid was cocky to me at school, I would beat hell into them like there was no tommorow. When I was at home and I felt aggravated I used to just cry and cry even it was just something like having no ketchup. : Your probaly laughing at me now but guess what that makes you? A sadistic b*st*rd.

        • Hey! Don’t you call me a Sadistic B*st*rd! D:<

          No but seriously, why did you choose the most extreme example, like not having any ketchup, and then call the reader a Sadistic B*st*rd for it.

          I have no idea if those * things are necessary, but I just want to get past the filter.

  14. Being the leader of ACP is pretty much as stressful as you can get in armies these days. Perhaps the only thing close to it could be running CPAC. While leading any major army can be stressful, ACP is set to a different standard by the army community. They are expected to be the best, expected to be almost flawless. This is why there is always such a commotion when ACP does something controversial. In turn, the soldiers of the ACP hold their leaders to a higher standard, perhaps what could be known as the “Boomer” standard. You will constantly see many people scream “THIS WILL BE BETTER THAN BOOMER’S ERA!” on ACP chat if ACP is winning a battle. People for some reason always think every new leader will grow the army to larger sizes than Boomer 20 grew ACP to in late 2008 through early summer 2009.

    Being even the second in command of ACP can be stressful at times. I should know, I was the second in command from spring 2010 to around September. It’s a really tough job. You are expected to post when it seems like everyone else on the site is covering more than enough, and you feel like you need to stay on ACP chat for hours on end in case something happens, even when there is nothing at all happening.

    I believe, whether Kenneth or Flipper become ACP leader, they can both do a pretty well job. If you really want my opinion, ACP would be better off having them both be leaders rather than one of them. What I am interested in now is that there seems to be a lack of people left in the ACP that are capable leaders. Maybe one will show themselves in the coming months, but as of now, I see few people that are good leaders.

    • Are you kidding?

      As ACP Leader, you can call down a freaking Thumb of God. You can just pick an army for annihlation. Sure you have to say a few things to n00bs, or make a few posts, but your like the Chief Judge of CP Armies.

      If ACP pulled afew strings they could wipe out any army they wanted within a week. Not to mention that there’s only like 3 or 4 armies they’d actually need support against.

      • You’ve never been inside the ACP’s administration. It gets really freaking annoying.

        Plus, wars don’t even “wipe out” armies. In fact, wars generally make armies GROW. Armies need wars to grow and survive; if you want to kill an army, make sure nobody declares war on them.

        • Annoying, yes. Disapointing, no. You get to command a hundred men into combat. It’s not like that’s a let-down or something for a few posts every week.

          The reason they grow is because you have apsolutly no idea how to wage war.

          You don’t make up five days in. Your harass them for weeks, send sleeper agents into them, and you never let up until you have done a sizeable chunk of damage.

          • Acp are the Cp Army’s World Police… you can’t judge them for that xP United States is the World Police too.

          • Ya but they COULD be dominating the whole game yet they just stand around all day. Why don’t they conquer Nachos or something?

          • Because they won’t do anything unless they see something bad happen

          • It’s having the mindset like that that ruins the game. Having power like that in a game and not using it? Pssh, if I had ever became ACP leader I would have gone around waging war on anything that poses as a threat. Heck, my first order would have been to invade the Nachos and utterly destory them.

          • That would get frowned upon by the other mindsets.

          • Ya especially since those other mindsets would be getting over-run.

          • Who cares? Those other mindsets would soon be extinct. >:D

          • I think ACP should drop the idea that it “protects Club Penguin”. Everyone knows they don’t. No army does that. They just fight whoever displeases them.

            I’ve always thought that ACP and Nachos should just band together and take over Club Penguin or something.

            And yes, you are right. Long, good wars (like World War III that pretty much caused the fall of UMA) can kill armies. 5 day wars that we have now? They have no impact whatsoever.

          • ^I want Klug ACP leader. He understands that ACP isn’t the World Police and should be starting more wars.

          • ^I agree

          • I will admit, that if I had the time, I could, and would want to be, the ACP leader. But sadly, I found that I do not even have enough time to run ACP’s senate. It’s one of the reasons why I retired from ACP in the first place; if I had thought I had the time to make a run for ACP leader and effectively lead ACP, I would have stayed.

          • Who cares if you don’t have enough time? Just point ACP in a direction and let the 2ics and 3ics run the place. Although you would have to fix up the incompetence of those lower leaders.

          • Yes, I would have considered that had I stayed in ACP. If I were to be the leader of it, that would be the most efficient way for it to work. Unfortunately, I learned that I was under threat of being demoted down to 3ic and decided to retire, among other reasons.

  15. How many wars will this break into?
    Let’s count kids!

  16. As much as Mchappy is a great person, and he is a great friend, he hasn’t proven himself strong enough to be ACP leader. He was an exceptional 2ic and 3ic but when the going got tough, he really struggled. Everyone’s seen him lose his temper when an ACP battle goes badly wrong, or at least he’ll just leave. He’s claimed on depression loads, but I don’t think he’s that depressed, I just think he needed to stand up for himself more and weather the storm.

    He did change when he became leader. Being in higher places means your with higher people. He lost touch with a lot of high member – medium mod ranks and it didn’t pay off.

    But in the end, however hard anyone tries, shit happens, doesn’t it.

  17. As much as Mchappy is a great person, and he is a great friend, he hasn’t proven himself strong enough to be ACP leader. He was an exceptional 2ic and 3ic but when the going got tough, he really struggled. Everyone’s seen him lose his temper when an ACP battle goes badly wrong, or at least he’ll just leave. He’s claimed on depression loads, but I don’t think he’s that depressed, I just think he needed to stand up for himself more and weather the storm.

    He did change when he became leader. Being in higher places means your with higher people. He lost touch with a lot of high member – medium mod ranks and it didn’t pay off.

    But in the end, however hard anyone tries, sh** happens, doesn’t it.

  18. He got dumped.. That’s why online dating is nor the way to go

  19. …damn. But you are right, after he became leader he sort of changed. Even so, he was a great leader and will be missed by most people.

  20. Flipper and I both want to lead together as one. We are still waiting for Mc to approve our suggestion.
    Kingfunks4:In my opinion I think you two work well as a pair. Seeing you two work together against the IW was very good. In my opinion I think it would work well

  21. 1. Bypolar = Bipolar*
    2. Purple is my color, get your own :@

  22. Heh, ACP leaders stay as leader for about a couple months these days.


  24. I Think we need more Warriors on teh site. 🙂

    Bluestar and Oakheart like chocolate: Uno dos.. UNO! Dos! Tres! A chocolateeee(a cho co co) Chaccooooolateee(a cho co co) holy rolley mico We say Chacolatteeeeeeeeh. :3

    Say I as a respince to this comment if you agree.

  25. Poower also hurts men in real life. Look at Barack Obama. He said he would do a lot of things he has not.

    • Fed by your parents heh?

      • You’re saying you don’t agree with him? =/ You don’t want to even get me started on how this guy has screwed the U.S..

    • Don’t drink the cool aid!…

    • He never WAS going to do them. -.-

      He’s a politician, not a miricle worker. Nor an economist.

      All politicians will do what’s best for votes, not what’s best for the nation. Simply because every time you do something drastic you piss everyone off. Look at the Libya thing. Now Obama is locked in indisicivness because almost any action he makes will lose him votes.

      • Putting it simply:

        -Obama helps the uprising Libyans, he loses trust of some U.S. allies.

        -Obama helps the Libyan government, he is viewed as an oppressor for not helping the people.

        Although this may be a lose-lose situation for him this time, he has certainly mucked up other situations that should have turned out better.

    • Politics.

    • You were fed by your parents who were fed by the Catholic Church that Obama is bad.

  26. O_O Uh… this post is wrong.

    I didn’t retire for Gabby in anyway.
    And when I incorporated the “bypolar” thing it was because my mom had said that to me, and I started to believe her. That’s why people think I “change” all the time; because I take on different personalities.

  27. hi McH i hav lots of respect for u n stay strong….hope to see u back sometime

  28. Mch’s promising future came to a terrible end


  30. Here’s my thought on ‘Mchappy Retiring’
    I LOL’D
    People will look at him as some kind of legend/good leader, Which I will not doubt but what they do not see is that ACP’s size from when Bobcatboy10 was leader went DOWN , Also he’s done this before, I wouldn’t be suprised if there was an ‘Hey I’m Back!’ post on the ACP site By: Mchappy in a Week. 😆

  31. 110 comments so far *wary*

  32. If you read through all the comments, you can see that Josh, Nasa, Gord, and a few other people made up the majority of the comments. Fun fact ;D!

  33. ^^^ my point exactly xD

  34. We’re MLD. Major League Debaters.

  35. Hes in the Nacho’s Now

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