Legends. What makes them?

Too most people in CP warfare, a legend is someone that has changed the history of CP armies. Too others, it is someone that has lead a few major armies to the top. The question today is, what is a legend?

This page is dedicated to all real Club Penguin Warfare Legends. These people changed Club Penguin Warfare and it’s history for the better. Their careers are to be appreciated until the end of Club Penguin Warfare.

Taken From the CPAC Legends Page.

A legend. Someone who has changed the history of CP warfare for the better. Whenever you say legend in CP armies, people will reply with “Oagalthorp” or “Pink Mafias” and many more iconic name’s. We have had many legend’s in our community. Some not recognized as legend’s by the current generation of CP warfare because they were simply forgotten or never seen by these troops.

There are army legend’s and warfare legend’s but the most well-known are the warfare legend’s who changed warfare to what it is today. To me, an army legend is someone that has changed that army but not warfare entirely. For instance. I am a DCP legend but the CP Warfare community majority does not know that. Therfore I am a CP army legend. That army is DCP.

A warfare legend in my eyes is someone like “Pink Mafias” or “Oagalthorp”. Someone who has paved the way for armies to succeed and grow stronger. Someone who has actually changed something in CP armies. Now I do not agree with people becoming legend’s because they lead a few major armies. Otherwise people like Shadowclub6 would join an army, become leader and then do nothing during his time as leader. People like that are not worthy of legend status in my eyes. But that brings the question up;

Is a legend defined by opinion?

What I mean by this. Is that some people believe that someone is a legend but another person doesn’t. This is a conflict of opinions. I believe that someone like Orgulan is more worthy of legend status than someone like Wii Mountain. Other’s think Orgulan is just an old leader that cussed a lot. See? A conflict of opinion. I think that Iasgae56 is an army legend but not a warfare legend. Other’s see differently.

I think that legend’s are defined by opinion. Would you class SaW as a legend? Probaly not, but I would and some other’s that I know would. It is merely a matter of opinion on who gets “legend ranking”.

Would it be better if there was certain requirements?

What I mean by this is if you had to do something to achieve legend. Not a test but you must have certain qualities to become a legend. Maybe this could be brought up in the CP army council? Some of the qualities I think they should have is memorable, most of the legend’s on the legend’s page include memorable people. E.g Person1233 has his humour. 😛 They need to have changed something in CP warfare whether it was a HUGE war or just an idea that came up during a CP army council meeting. But tell me what you guys think in a comment. It would be intresting to see what you think.

Exclusive Interview with xFallen (DreamGuitar)

  • For those of you that don’t know. DreamGuitar is the extremely controversial former Golds leader. This interview is exclusive because he just got off probation. :mrgreen: Keep in mind that he was in CP armies over 2-3 years ago so his views are very different to some of our’s.

What do you think about CP army legends? Do you think there is any?

Ummm yeah there is a few legends but most of them are nerds.

What do you think someone has to do to qualify for a legend?

Have to be active on chat and cp for at least 2 years.

Who would you consider a legend of your time? E.g PinkMafias, j0han, Oagal.

Umm, Fly4life, PinkMafias for sure, Oagal the homo, Commando was the worst same as j0han and ambrosha was the best of them all.

What do you think makes a legend?

Well first of all they need to have friends so they can become a dictator easily. So summing it up, a dictator is a legend.


The questions I’d like to ask you are;

Is a legend defined by opinion? Should there be requirements for legend status? Should we have more legends or less legends?


753 words long (: Apologies but I lost my better post. :

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  1. Going for first. Plawx?

  2. What are the chances that I had the same name as Dream e.o

  3. Good Post Broken 😀 . I have something to say to everyone that I came up with. A legend is not defined by what other people judge you on doing, a legend is what YOU do. Just because you aren’t on some newsite’s page does not mean you aren’t a legend. What defines a legend is a goal you set and how hard you worked and if you reached that goal. You don’t have to be a legend in someone elses mind, what you think in YOUR mind is what really counts.

  4. I IZ A LEEEGAND!1!!!

  5. Nice post bid ahh good old dream

  6. Bid you’re a legend :mrgreen:

  7. This has never been a topic before.

  8. I like Dream, he needs to be on the legends page. It saddens me that only the “heros” are declared a legend.. but if you do even one thing wrong, your turned into a villian and isn’t recognized as a legend (Im not saying this becuz of my expierence but its true.)

    Villians should also be known as legends. Dreamguitar I would consider as a villian, but also did so much that he should be a legend.

    Ambrosha is the same deal, he to me is known as a villian.. but still should be a legend.

    Compwiz, (even though I hate him so much) is a villian, should be a legend too. (Hes a villian becuz he destroyed uma, btw.. if u were asking why.)

    Omega (idk if hes on legends page yet or not) is a villian, but should be a legend.

    Theres probably like 3-5 more I can think of but I won’t waste my time.

    Villians are Villians, yes, but they should be considered as legends too… just as much as “heros.”

    …Btw, Villians are way cooler than Heros. 🙂


  9. All you need to do is get leader in a top 10 army and BANG; instant legend.

  10. What makes a Legend?

    Why convincing random people on CPAC to vote for you!

  11. Excuse me, but how many posts need to be made on this one topic? I understand how interesting it is, but there has already been a lot of posts about this subject.
    In other words, Repost.

  12. Im close to being a legend.. I think

  13. More legends, and also the FW boobs need to add DCP legends on thier site ause I worked hard for my status.

    • but DCP merged, and DCP legends aren’t FW legends…

      • IDGAF. (Omg when I typed it in the first time my Ipod suggested the word Orgy)

        • Alright, let me put this simply Benji.

          DCP =/= FW.

        • Exactly. By the way, DCP merge was canceled. Let’s give it up for the new FW leaders, Steve and Etac!

          Yep. Do you think the DCP soldiers were the only people that hated the merge? FW did too. Now are you happy we’re wiping all DCP off the ranks?

    • Ben, I agree with Bri on this one. I also question whether I really deserve DCP legend. A troop shouldn’t work for an army with devotion just for the legend status in ths army. They should work for the army because of their loyalty.

      • Now here is a real CP army soldier. He doesn’t devote his time to be a legend, he does it for fun and to make the army he’s in better.

        • 1. That’s a girl.
          2. I did do it or loyalty, and I mean if you died would you rather be dead with no one knowing forever or letting your relived know and celebrate your life? And plau loyalty means devoriton to one thing or in this case armies. Loyalty means you can’t be in one army but have a foot in the other too.

          • 1. Sorry, I didn’t know. I assumed she was a boy because 90% of this army community are boys.

            2. Is someone a little self-concious? B/c honostly, I could care less if the Club Penguin Army Community forgot I ever existed. [Which will most likely happen] Third, if that was your attitude in DCP, I’m sickened by the fact you’re considered a legend. And lastly, if you did it out of loyalty, why were you so upset when you didn’t get your name on the FW legend page for being a legend in DCP? So don’t bullcrap me, you did it for your reputation.

            3. I lied, one more last thing: fix up your grammar. ‘Nuff said.

          • Dickface, I was and idoit in DCP until October! I got the first DCP site suspended! And they all love me. 😀

          • Then they must all be as stupid as you.

    • I don’t even know how you got that “status” if you acted like this when you were in DCP.

  14. I wish I was a legend lol.

  15. So many topics about this.

  16. I only discovered that I was author on CPAC, 3 hours before this post was made. 😐 I wanted to get a post up before I got removed.

  17. nice post biddeh <3

  18. yay for biddeh 😛

  19. Nice Post, You Should Be A Legend…

  20. wow, this is gonna make it hard to be a legend; Good think i have a lot of warefare ideas! XD


  21. You idiots all mistake “legend” for “whoever happens to be leading whatever army you are in at the time”. There is a difference between a warfare legend (someone who impacted CP armies-for better or for worse- greatly) and an ARMY legend (a person who is considered a legend in whatever army or armies they were in).

    For example; Pink Mafias. Warfare legend. Created one of the first organized armies and made UMA to be one of the first “World Powers”.

    Matre10. Former ACP leader. ACP legend. Didn’t really do anything that is going to be remembered in armies as long as they continue (quite honestly, no leader of ACP has done anything that will be remembered to be “legendary” since Boomer 20 lead)

    Got bored. Roawr. My biggest problem with this post is that somebody decided that an apostrophe should go between the d and the s in legends.

  22. You sign up for the Legend’s Vote, then you go to CPAC Chat and shout, “I’m giving out xats and poweers and days and that stuff if you vote for me!” to be legend. Then you don’t do any of the stuff you say.

    • Did you not read Klug’s comment?

      • Most people do, in fact, lobby for whomever leads whatever army they happen to be in at the time for legend status. While I doubt people actually go on chats and bribe people to vote for them, they usually gain the immeadiete support of their army or armies. Really, it isn’t the peoples’ fault, to be honest: it’s because so many people in armies today are blissfully ignorant of past legends that deserve it. Honestly, how many people remember those of the likes of Jojofishy, Shadow, Flarry Jerry, The Jungle N, Zzztops, Ankita (Jedimaster), and who knows how many others? Partly it’s peoples fault for considering so many people as legends, partly because we have forgotten those who deserve it more, even if they never achieved leader of whatever army they were in.

  23. The word legend is losing its meaning. A legend is someone who majorly affected CP warfare, most people are getting it mixed up with a person who led many armies.

  24. Did anyone else notice that the old title was “Broken is beast”?

  25. Justin timberlake is a legend

  26. The DCP/FW merge was canceled.

  27. Man you guys take forever to get a new post. -.-

  28. Random post.

  29. i started all cp war fare im a legend

  30. well hey, who cares. anyways i started it all so i mise well make something out of it

  31. To me, someone who has been in armies for a LONG time and has done something important in that time should be a legend. Like for Elites, 77ninja77 was a legend for creating the 1G, Agent was a legend for being a popular and former leader in the 1G, and me and Playa would be considered legends for making 3G major =D

    • Not true. I was in armies for a long time and all I managed to do was become 2ic of a Top Ten army and become mod rank in a few others. Hardly a legend.

  32. A true legend, I bet only veteran’s who remember the IMAF can remember. Flippy.

  33. Nasa, I meant that you can be called a legend in ONE specific army if you do something incredible and stay there for a while. If you are popular with people not in your army, then they can give an opinion of you being of legend status. ^.^ But whatevz, let’s stop this argument right now. No need to add more to this site… Btw, I still think an admin should make the URL “flamecentral.wordpress.com” ._.

    • Sorry, I didn’t know that you meant one specific army. 😳 I thought you were referring to the comminity. I did nothing for the community, but I did do a lot in IMAF.

  34. I should be a legend on adventure quest for just getting the sword of chaos 😀

  35. im icy fresh 2? i started cpa which started all cp warfare duh

  36. …….. i am? icy fresh 2 aka icy aka icyboy aka icyboy35 aka icyz_city_legend

  37. Ads for legend 2011?

  38. well im the biggest legend out there n im already respected for that.

  39. maybe you should make a new page called “Heros”…..

    The people in it would be people who changed the armies they were in

  40. dude im the 1 who got pink mafias started. im icy fresh 2. i started all cp armies. lmao way b4 u even knew what cp was. i should call pink up n make a new army called The Return with all cp legends n leaders vs all u kids. (aka acp) we would destroy them

    • Good luck.

    • And you are calling all of us children? Your attitude is terribly immature. In addition, you could at least write like an adult, because your grammar is extremely poor.

    • dont worry its apruil fools days he’s lieing, I hope or else i think he needs to go see a doctor…

  41. nah im not lieing. icy fresh 2 look me up started cpa first army ever.

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