Invading Safe Chat Servers || DCP’s Invasion of Ice Cube and Glacial

To most people, owning a safe chat server is useless. You cannot type freely, therefore eliminating several tactics, such as saying tactics “Where is your dock it’s so tiny”. You also cannot “claim” a room by saying “We claim this room” or “We claim town”. However, a few armies still invade safe chat servers. Why?

When everyone thinks of safe chat servers, they think of being restricted. Safe chat servers were created mainly to ensure a child’s safety, because it is (nearly) impossible to be inappropriate.

Almost half of an army’s tactics are based on typing words. Slogans, “We claim this room”, “YOU FAIL”, whatever it is, those type of tactics are common. Recruiting is also a big part of being able to type. “JOIN ACP TODAY” or “LO OOK UP THE FIRE WARRIORS TO JOIN” normally gets an army a few new recruits.Without recruiting, how on earth are people going to introduce people to Club Penguin Warfare?

Some armies do not use these kind of tactics frequently, however, freedom of speech is quite useful. When a line isn’t straight, a leader can shout “STRAIGHT LINE” or “GET IN LINE”. When an army is switching rooms, they can say “BLACK TO ICE BERG” or “PURPLE TO DOJO”, etc. If I’m correct, in the olden days, leaders used to command armies through Club Penguin, since there were no chat boxes at the time.

Therefore, you can see the importance of the ability to type freely on Club Penguin. Since being able to type means so much to us, why do we invade servers that restrict that ability? Are we trying to punish ourselves? Well, no. If you look at it from a different perspective, you’ll see the positive side to it.

Leaders can command through chat boxes now, since they have the ability. They can direct soldiers on Club Penguin, without having to say a word (on Club Penguin). Armies can use emotes (such as E+7) or sayings, such as “Goodbye”, “Hello”, etc. In fact, one of the most popular tactics, the joke bomb, can be done on safe chat servers. True, you can’t say “We claim this room”, but you can use some of the pre-written phrases that Club Penguin provides.

Invading safe chat servers add more servers to your collection. Barely any safe chat servers are owned by armies, due to the lack of free typing, so if you invade a safe chat server, you have one more server for your army. An army can go on a safe chat server, emote-bomb/joke-bomb/make lines in 5 or more rooms, and voila, the server is theirs. Also, if an army has a safe chat server, there’s an 80% chance other armies will never attempt to invade that server.

Basically, if you’re willing to work harder for something, be prepared to reap the rewards. Safe chat servers are hard to get, hard to train on. However, most armies don’t want safe chat servers, therefore, they most likely will not invade it.

Speaking of invading safe chat servers, here’s an example of an army invading safe chat servers:

DCP Invasions of Ice Cube and Glacial: (Click to enlarge the pictures).

Well, yes.

My point is, safe chat servers aren’t that bad. They aren’t the greatest, but they come in handy.

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  1. Bit of a.. fail post?

  2. AW could invade some safe-chat servers 😀

  3. Romans have Returned!!! *LINK REMOVED BECAUSE I’M THAT AWESOME*
    We recently Defeated Ice Vikings inna PB

  4. Ok then kinn (D)

  5. I say safe chat servers are only good for tactic/training sessions.

  6. Insurance. No army wants safe chat/foreign language servers but it counts to the 2 server minimum.

  7. I like the Colorsssssssssss

  8. Colors make me feel special!

    The more colors the more special i feel!

    This makes me feel retarded *D*

  9. CP still needs to add periods, commas, semi-colons, colons…I could go on.
    Otherwise what’s the point of even having chat boxes?
    Or is there something I’m missing….again?

  10. I apologize for the sloppiness of the post. It was unorganized, not well thought out, scattered, and confusing.
    I promise I will make my next posts much better than this one.

  11. Safe chat servers are good, the safe chat servers show if an army has good tactics so thats the good part

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