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Today, we’re starting out with an army that’s been hiding behind a wall of invisibility. Lately, the Fire Warriors underwent some major changes including website, and the astounding graphics they were known for were all taken away, and an old leader has reappeared alongside the long-time leaders Pringle and Pochoma. Trickster, who recently stained his reputation by pretending to be Pink Mafias, is now a Fire Warriors leader once again. In addition, the Watex Warriors merged and then merged out of the FW. To understand and catch up on things, I interviewed FW Leader Pringle64.

Interview with Pringle64 [FW]

Why is FW not showing its numbers to the world?
FW doesn’t want to show their numbers so they grow in the shadow, and strike when ready, gaining a high point fast; we’re hiding behind anonymity.
➡ Follow Up:
Why do you think this will work?
Because FW has made possibly the most attempts, rivaled by WW themselves, in getting into and staying in the Top Ten Armies. Every time we rank up to 7th, never straying higher. So, as a change, we’ll start high.

So who does the FW have their sights set on?
The Fire Warriors will aim for the mid-top ten armies, probably ranging from 4 to 7-ish in Top Ten rank. No specifics will be given at this time.

Finally, why did WW unmerge out of FW?
Luc, (who turned out to be a fraud), decided to merge into FW without the consent of all the other Watex Warriors and their other leaders. They felt that it was unfair, and the majority unmerged.

So, as you can see, the Fire Warriors are mustering numbers for a huge attack, and possibly an awesome war we can all enjoy and benefit from :mrgreen: . After this, I decided to ask a few questions to the other army in the spotlight, the Watex Warriors.

Interview with Green [WW]

What’s been going on between you and FW? I heard about a merge/unmerge.
There was no actual merge. Mrtchy came on chat, pretending to be Luc, and merged us and FW. However, Luc is back, and he’s going to help us rise back to the Top 10; we always fall a little after the New Year.

Do you think it’s a big possibility that you’ll be in the Top 10 soon?
Yeah, we’re pretty confident.

Well, as you can see, these armies, once enormous masses of Top 10 force, are now carefully rebuilding their nations and armies. Stay tuned for updates.

The Night Warriors are known for their unmercifully won battles, aggressiveness, and brutality. Recently, the began waging a war against the Army of Club Penguin to overtake the Number one spot on the Top 10, but as the war has gone on, we see that they have failed in their quest. They lost the server of Breeze to the ACP, and leader Vendetta said the following of ACP…

We are the only army left who can stand against ACP, so let us rise to their expectation. Let us make this final stand, against an evil whose thirst is unquenchable and whose hypocrisy unmatched. If not us, then who? No one would do what we are about to do, and that is go against multiple assailants without so much as an ally. It is stupid, but that is the path we must walk, all other paths have been blocked…

-NW Website

It seems that this army indeed lives up to it’s word, and fights till the death. Another point I’d like to bring to your attention are their harsh words for ACP. Many people have said things like this about the ACP, and even though they have, it’s been all talk. NW is the first army to take action against ACP, and it leaves us pondering, will they ever be taken down? Will their reputation with others ever improve? Even though they seem confident and able, we want to know what you think…

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Comment about it!

Now, we continue to the long anticipated Name That Army segment! Here’s the riddle…

Their might not shown,
their fight fought alone.
Born out of skies of sunset red,
they turn the world grey.

This one is kind of tricky, and since we’re running low on authors, the prize will be authorship. Have fun everybody!

Battle Results

  • Golden Troops [Defeat] v. Light Troops [Victory] Server of Sherbet acquired || Stats – GT: 25 – 30/LT: 30 – 35
  • Army of Club Penguin [Victory] v. Night Warriors [Defeat] – Server of Breeze acquired, server of Fog defended || Stats – ACP: 35 – 50/NW: ??
  • Doritos of Club Penguin [Victory] v. ??? – Server of Glacial acquired. || Stats – DCP: 20 – 25/???


86 Responses

  1. 1st

  2. fuck i was gonna say nw then dark warriors

  3. Check the LT Site for the real results of the battle. GT retreats right in the middle of it.

  4. Army of republic?


  6. wait, I change it to DW

  7. There should be a report on DW beating FW and TG. 😀

    • TG had a whole other battle (PengWarz). SaW even said it was a misunderstanding

  8. Romans

  9. The Grammar Warriors of Club Penguin (wary)

  10. WTF!!!!!!!! gt was bigger before the battle, then when the battle began gt fell to 15ish and light troops had 40ish. Then near the end of the battle, gt had 7 left and light troops had 25

  11. Shadow Warriors?

  12. I’d have to say either NW or DW.

  13. Night Warriors

  14. The answer to the riddle is definently the Night Warriors of Club Penguin.

    In my opinion, ACP will not be able to be truly taken down for a long time. There are too many people who are ever loyal to the army and will always restart it and get it going again.

  15. Fort Ghost Recon

  16. There’s no way it’s the Night Warriors because It’s too obvious

  17. The Dark Magicians or Shadow Warriors.

  18. Dark Warriors

  19. darkness shadow troops?


  21. Person’s Elite Night Imperialist Soldiers

  22. Their might not shown,
    their fight fought alone.
    Born out of skies of sunset red,
    they turn the world grey.
    Name that army:

  23. can you guys report on DW declaring war on NW

  24. Their might not shown, Clearly not as powerful as they once were.
    their fight fought alone. Little to no allies?
    Born out of skies of sunset red, Clearly a red army?
    they turn the world grey. Sad.
    Oh well, my main guesses are chosen, UMA.

  25. fire warriors,Dark warriors, or acp

    most likely not acp but who knows

  26. Underground Mafias Army.

  27. Fire Warriors

  28. Spartans of CP. Gp’s way of self serving his new army. (IDKthis is a guess)

  29. night warriors…

  30. I won’t be able to make a post tonight due to me being sick as fu**.

    Food poisoning. ffffffffff

  31. Sky mafias Of cp ( SM )


  32. watex warriors and ACP WILL FALL AND SUCK BALLS

  33. Shadow Troops

  34. Night Warriors.

    It’s them because they used to be RRCP.

    Also, I bid the Sea power for the adspace.
    You can contact me at bananaarmycp.wordpress.com

  35. I bid 250 xats for the adspace. You know where to find me. Just unbuckle your pants and look down.

  36. Woot, no one commented this one yet:



    • Their might not shown, (Their not talked about much)

      their fight fought alone. (Eh, idk what fight.. maybe when they were rebelling, they were fighting alone. rpf sided with acp, acp didnt side with rpf. ..if u get it?)

      Born out of skies of sunset red, (Red= Uma, they came out of Uma… thats not disturbing O_O)

      they turn the world grey. (Their site is black and grey..)

  37. Rebel Penguin Federation. (:
    Full name ftw??

  38. Night Warriors

  39. NW

  40. Hot Sauce Army, Duhh.

  41. Fire Warriors or HSA

  42. The answer is RPF

  43. From somebody who has been in RPF the last 3 years, I didn’t even get that….

  44. Rebel Penguin Federation

  45. night warriors(who are complete jerks by the way)

  46. The obvious choices are never the right ones.

  47. Night warriors

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