My viewers, I am disappointed. In your army mostly, but to a lesser extent you. It seems that the great crusades of WWIII where men held their word and fought by it are over. We are in a new age. One based on lies and deciet. Based on manipulation of those that lack will and the elimination of those that stand as obsticules.

The entire system of us is burried benieth the lies and deciet of corrupt men. Tell me, what is there left to cling to when best friends turn on eachother as though it were entertainment? When allies break and run on the suspicion of betrayal? When a man who steps on others for his own means is pronounced an Emperor?

It is… Disgusting.

In a modern sense, look at this just recent war. Oh NW, Nachos, and IW had it. They may very well have swept ACP off their feet and finally overthrown them. But they were bent on self-intrest. On profiting for themselves not others. And so when DW, an army so uninfluential it should have been indifferent in the tide of war, switched sides the entire system came down on NW’s head. As IW only looked so far as their imediate gain they cracked from the pressure. And Nachos jumped ship to avoid the landslide that they ended up creating.

Every low Top 10 army that had previously boasted being against ACP silensed, for they did not want to be noticed by ACP. And so NW was stranded, as they are now. They will not win, it is certain. For the greed that once fueled NW’s conquests has now turned against them and fueled their enemy’s. ACP will take revenge, and after NW falls they will have been re-established as the sole propriator over CP.

Well, are you happy? Self-intrest took the best of you, and in your panic you led those that may have overthrown ACP to destruction. Now ACP, the army you “hated and wanted to destroy” is stronger than ever. They are vengful and when they march through your capital’s streets unapposed you can be sure it no one’s fault except yours. Whether you be a soldier, a general, or an emperor.

It is not ACP’s fault you lost. It is your own, all those except NW broke and ran. And I’m sure in your position that NW would’ve done the same, and left you to die.

Heed the warning, armies of CP. For just over the hills ACP war ministers whisper and drums can be heard beating through the night.

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  1. Make no mistake-
    ACP does not rule CP.

    Corruption does.

  2. 1st

  3. Emperer edited his comment to be first…

  4. ACP was the one that came into this war…. and that was when everyone else came in…

  5. There is no war…. It is completely over NW and ACP are not even at war anymore.. We jumped off when we knew full well NW agreed to a surrender. Get your facts straight before posting.

    • Ok I’m sorry I got one, miniscule detail wrong Mr. Misses-the-entire-point-of-the-post. -.-

      • Maybe Tan is implying that your entire argument is faulty.

        • A school is not dis-functional if one of the waterfountains is broken.

          • If it’s the one in my hallway, its disfunctional.

          • It is dysfunctional in that one aspect concerning that the school now has one less water fountain, which then makes the school dysfunctional.

            Think of it in this way: If you committed murder, then you are a lawbreaker. You may not have stolen anything, but because you murdered someone, you are a lawbreaker.

            “For whoever keeps the whole law and yet stumbles at just one point is guilty of breaking all of it.” – James 2:10 NIV (as a proof-text)

            TanMan pointed out a major flaw in your argument, which, as Vendetta asserted above, makes your entire arugment faulty. It’s ultimately up to the reader to use his free will to determine if the rest of your argument deserves some degree of credibility.

          • Ultimatly, the reader does control his own perception of credibility. However, it is extreme to denounce an entire arguement on knit-picked detail.

            I also would claim that Ven shows more hypocracy in his arguement than truth. If the post praised NW rather than denounced it how likely would he be to regect it on small facts, almost unrelated to the post?

    • Tan just got burned….

  6. Isn’t this what happens at least 3 times an year? Somebody declares war to ACP, everybody goes against them, and when ACP starts taking the upper hand everyone leaves hoping to stay with their capital.

    ACP lost their capital to 3 armies, not even just 1, so I see no point in them losing the #1 spot. In my opinion, Nachos are really lucky that ACP didn’t invade them… yet?

    And IW, they were bored, and they wanted something to do so they just jumped in the war and left after they took Mammoth.

  7. I know I may seem like a “noob” saying this, but this post is completely biased. On the About page, CPAC promised that ALL posts would be absolutely unbiased. Guess you broke that promise =/

    • You have your facts wrong, buddy. The About page says the following:

      “[CPAC] strides to be only factual and does not usually post opinions, simply facts.”

      Usually means customary in this case. CPAC’s goal is to try to be as factual as they can; however they did not say “… does not post opinions, simply facts.”


      “[CPAC’s] goals are to: provide readers with an accurate news description of the latest events in Club Penguin armies, provide opinions when needed and help to bring Club Penguin Armies back into the Golden age.”

      If you read the post, Karakoran felt that he had to address the armies concerning this entire war because allies have betrayed one another due to self-interest and self-image. He provided an opinion that he felt was needed in order to assert that action must be taken to combat dishonesty.

      On a side note, you have officially broken Rule #4 on CPAC’s Site Rules:

      “4. No Complaining: The title of this doesn’t really explain everything, so let me elaborate… it’s very annoying when people start complaining about the site, such as saying “This post is so biased OMG!”… If you do that, the authors will get incredibly pissed and it is the fastest way to get IP banned from the site if you do it a second time after a warning.”

      Guess you broke the meaning of CPAC’s About page concerning the use of opinions and broke a rule in the process. =/

      • ……You’re putting way to much into a game for 7 year olds, my friend.

        • And what is wrong with that? It only took less than fifteen minutes.

          Besides, it was unrelated to Club Penguin, but rather referring to the proper use of CPAC’s blog. He commited a straw man fallacy and needed to be corrected.

          “When your opponent sets up a straw man, set it on fire and kick the cinders around the stage.”

          – James Lileks

        • You seem to not relize that it is people like Omega that make this game something more, and unlock potential for it to move forward.

          • I second that.
            Without the RPF we wouldn’t have had Server’s/Nation’s whether that is a bad or good thing, I really don’t know. :mrgreen: Many legendary thing’s have come out of that army. It’s a shame to see them in medium when they used to be so big. 🙁
            I respect many people in the RPF and their points that they show in an argument are normally valid and full of truth. Commando as rebel as he is 😆 I have more respect for him than any other leader that is currently one in the current top 10 maybe excluding Iceyfeet. Omega for legend?

          • By Iceyfeet. I mean he has kept the IW going and when he leaves, IW dies. It’s either him leaving or Gill’s suckish leadership. Take your pick?

    • If I wanted to follow the rules I wouldn’t be leading an army with ‘Rebel’ in their name, now would I?

      Anyway, it’s not biased.

  8. Why don’t we destroy the top ten armies and start anew. The old troops are corrupt and the old armies are even more corrupt then before.

    • @Tap Theres no point listenin to you especially when you stoop so low by threatning to hack TG(yet you dont know what a dox is). Now get real. That is what BP(Black Panthers) tried to do by tryin to get all leaders to agree. Its not the old troops that are corrupt, its often the newer troops, leaders and YOU the 2ic who tries to take charge.

      • The older soldier and the newer soldier are trying to chase what matters.

        The older soldier had experienced the “Golden Age” and believes that the times now are not that “Golden Age”, because they are able to compare their experiences from the present and past.

        The newer soldier did not experience the past “Golden Age”, so they often assert that the times today are the “Golden Age”, but are not able to compare their present experiences with the past, since they did not experience the “Golden Age” from the past.

        Now that that has been properly defined, the older soldier and the newer soldier have different leanings on what “corrupt[ion]” even means. The best the both can do is find common ground.

        The older soldier mostly uses inductive reasoning (arguments based on experience or observation), while the newer soldier uses deductive reasoning (arguments based on established laws, rules, and widely accepted principles).

        However, the older soldier can also use deductive reasoning, which puts the newer soldier at a disadvantage. He can also use comparitive reasoning (comparing one thing against another).

        The only thing that can be done to determine what is “corrupt[ion]” in Club Penguin warfare and politics is to establish a clear definition of what it is and discern what is right and wrong based on a synonymous moral compass.

    • Could you please define what you mean by the term, “corrupt[ion]”, according to this context?

    • The old troops?

      ace is right, its more the new troops.

      Are any of ACP’s leaders ‘old troops’?

      No, I see no one that is significantly old or considered an army veteran in the ACP owner ranks, and the same goes for the majority of other armies.

      Do I seem like a corrupt advisor? I hope not -.-

      • The old times are gone.

        Nobody under any circumstances should be given power simply because they are old.

        We can, and have tried to, learn from the past, but this more complicated intricate warfare appeals to some people.

        • What Im stating is that just because someone is an old troop, doesn’t mean he/she is corrupt, the way Tap dancer comes across is that he thinks all old troops are corrupt.

  9. It seems like you are more in favor of ACP being destroyed – berating the ones who left the war for not staying and crushing them. And on another note, I think you made an epic typo in the 5th paragraph, 2nd line. When you start with the ” Now ACP, the army you ‘hated and wanted to destroy’ ….” I think you are referring to NW, and not ACP. So yeah :3

  10. Things would be different if I was leading any of those armies, I’ll tell you that much.

    • But you will not. The few that refuse to step on others rarly become powerful, for they are stepped on.

      The good of the many is deminished for the good of a few because that few believes in only themselves.

      • I was leader of the Nachos for almost 2 years and Co-Lead for countless others; I am pretty confident I could become leader again, but I feel I’m better off as an advisor.

        • Oh nvm I didn’t read your name.

          Ya you probably could become leader of the Nachos if you set your mind to it. Assuming ACP or NW didn’t start using Nachos for their own means.

          In fact the Nachos would end up being a damn nice Wildcard maybe. Well, I guess I’d have to think about that but you know.

  11. Skloop is going to be making a post this weekend with some key idea’s I want you all to vote on. I want your opinion expressed on these polls, I feel if you truly want CP armies to start changing towards a more profitable future you should read it.

  12. So what your trying to say Emperer is;

    NW your f*cked.

    You pretty much said that they have no chance in winning this war. In which I must say, isn’t good reporting? Some people are going to call this post great and stuff but I think it is utter bullsh*t.

    Go ahead and edit my comments. I know for a fact that Gord wouldn’t say some of the stuff that he has. :

    • You didn’t read my post, did you?

      I pointed out that greed and self-intrest led to NW’s fall. The fact that it implyed NW was screwed was a side-effect that cannot be avoided when your talking about why NW was screwed.

      And I don’t edit comments, just that one for the lulz. And because I know you’ll say it was the one that bad-mouthed IW I’ll quote the edited comment.

      “Your right! I can’t believe I ever doubted you!”

      Anyway, if I wanted to censor comments, why would I even let Ven comment here?

      • I censored them myself. :

        It come’s across that your implying NW are completely screwed and can not win this war. That may not be what you are stating but that is what it is coming across as. When they do kind of have a chance even if it isn’t that strong.

        • No I mean censor like KGB stuff. Like the comments would go missing.

          And yes, I will admit it is easy to intake that NW is screwed. However they are not, yet. Although they plea for peace, if the previous armies in the alliance resurged into the war them they would stand a chance.

          However odds of that are slim to none. Not more than 5% I’d say.

  13. I love how when you post you sound like you know every component of the war. Your arrogance is amusing.

    • You boast your false intellegence like you didn’t just get your ass handed to you by ACP.

      I can’t say I have much sympothy for you. You would’ve left the Nachos or IW to rot had the situation been reversed.

      • I believe the correct spelling is “sympathy”.
        I also think you missed out the “get” after just and before your. I may be wrong though.


      • Is everything you say just speculation? You think you’re so clever coming up with your wild conspiracy theories.

        • Philosophy is the science of speculation.

          And given that NW’s history is built on betrayal I see no reason to think that wouldn’t abandon someone else.

          It’s like having terrible credit and then saying that you’d never default on a credit card.

          • Please sir, explain how Nw’s history is built on betrayal.

          • Jesus am I going to have to dig through the NW Archives AGAIN?

            Oh well let me put a few out. You can swim around in the archives a bit if you want to find more.


            UMA, an army that has maintained at least decent relations with NW almost their entire exsistance was invaded because they were a “nice target”. This led to a series of bloody conflicts in which UMA lost almost all of them.


            An NW puppet, Cookies, snuck an invasion of Tundra from WW. Cookies gave half the server to NW to “share” so NW could intervien. NW lost the invasion and left Cookies to be invaded by WW.

            However since this is the third or fourth time I’ve been forced to dig through the archives I’m just going to cut it short. They get boring after a while.

            Oh and, http://nwarmy.com/2010/01/16/issues-that-plague-club-penguin-warfare/

          • wtf is your problem? I just asked why you think NW built on betrayal. No one “forced” you to do anything…

          • I’m not about to lose an argument that can be won.

          • Philosophy is not a science. Science involves studying the physical world by the use of experimentation and observation. You cannot physically experiment and observe philosophy.

            Philosophy is the study of problems that are fundamental ranging from existence to reason. It’s the investigation for truth via rational arguments.

            For a better understanding of it, you ought to study its Greek word, φιλοσοφία (philosophia), which means “lover of wisdom.” There’s one instance I know (there’s probably a couple more) instances in the the book of Acts (fifth book in the New Testament) where the apostle Paul was debating with Athenian philosophers in an agora.

      • False intelligence is the one who can’t spell half the words in their post like Spell Check isn’t there.

        • I would not give someone like you the luxery of reading a post free of error.

          • Intelligence isn’t grammar. People who use grammar in an attempt to fool people into thinking they ar intelligent annoy me.

            His posts are fascinating and only somebody with a great deal of intelligence could be that insightful.

    • Ad hominem.

  14. It’s a good post but you sound like you’re preaching, like in all of your other posts…

    • If it was being reported then it would be the most biased thing ever.

      “And then DW viciously backstabed the NW pigs for the ACP tyrants so that their agenda of deciet could be advanced.”

      • your saying DW viciously backstabbed NW :I when NW didnt even respect us

        • Ya I know. The thing is that I’m baised against everyone, so if I tried to report the actual news it would turn out terribly.

          • Step down from the CPAC if you can’t report actual news. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t this a news site?

            This post is about us and how you are disappointed in us? To be honest, none of us could give a flying f*ck what you think about us. There is no “disloyalty” in CP armies. The NW aliance faied because of no respect not a matter of loyalty. How could you call the DW uninfluential, most of the UK based wars were won by them and that helped the NW & Nachos a lot. You need to stop coming up with these conspiracy theories as most of them are general bullsh*t.

          • alliance*

          • CPAC is a newspaper. Newspapers do more than report news.

            For most of us, Emperer’s posts are interesting to read and what he says should be taken with a pinch of salt, just don’t take it so personally.

          • Step down? But then who would voice the folly of armies?

            And yes, DW wasn’t that influential. They should NOT have collapsed the entire alliance. Lack of loyalty to the cause, however, drove other armies to jump ship for it was in their own self-intrest.

  15. NW is all…alone…

  16. Well, NW wasn’t appreciating their allies for everything they done to protect their servers. NW would’ve done the same.

  17. You are right, corruption DOES rule CP warfare now. The flame wars have gone too far. CP warfare isn’t fun anymore…. Compared to the more primitive version of warfare, our current one is so advanced that people are starting to get obsessed with it.

  18. This war could have lasted longer if everyone didn’t ditch NW.

  19. I’d like to point out that this post has quite a lot of spelling mistakes. Much more than I expected to say the least. Grammar wasn’t as good as it should have been either.

    Yeah I troll. Get over it :

    • Oh no! The post misspells words that everyone can already understand! It must be a terrible post with no credibilidy at all then!

      • *credibility 😆 Emperer, most people wish they could take this seriously right after Person made a grammar post. Really, I thought some reporters would actually read it. But thanks for trying Person!

        • It’s funny because you can’t point out any flaws in my points, just a few grammatical points that largely don’t even matter.

      • Emp, plus that, it’s not that we can’t misspell words from time to time, but it makes people who misspell a lot of words look like n00b that doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

        • Because I need to prove that I’m not a n00b to people?

          • Did you read Person’s recent post, “Proper Grammar and How it Paints a Personality”?

          • ist reply i think

          • Noobs are people who look for spelling mistakes in a post, complain about them, and then ignore the idea of the post itself.

            I could understand every word of this post, and like all of his posts it was fascinating to read and some of the thoughts he can bring are astoundingly insightful.

            Just read the post and appreciate it. He clearly isn’t a noob 95% of people mature enough to read the post properly and ignore the fact words were spelt slightly wrong, as they were understandable anyway.

          • It does not make a n00b. Most people don’t even know the true definition;

            “A noob is a player that is new to the game and doesn’t know the rules properly or have the skill compared to other player’s”

            Stop calling people n00bs, use the word properly or don’t use it at all.

          • And not having the maturity to read a post properly and instead look for flaws is a characteristic of a noob.

            Ironically, I am one of the few campaigners for the proper definition of a noob to be used, but in this instance I was using the term as a rebuttal to Kooldude’s comment which reads:

            ” it makes people who misspell a lot of words look like n00b that doesn’t know what they’re talking about.”

          • Hmm. Your right.
            Kooldude, spelling and grammar does not define a noob. I tend to notice mistakes in other people’s writing because I am a bit OCD with that. It help’s me relax a bit more after seeing the mistake that it should be changed. I never called emperer a noob. :

          • You’re**

            Couldn’t resist.

            Anyway, I was talking about Kooldude calling him a noob not you.

          • Good *D*

  20. Lol i foresee politics in ur future emperer. This is a game so this posts content is kinda stupid but great quality. Ur gonna be in politics one day

    • To slow. I am already in politics.

      I’m one of the leaders of one of the only remaining democratic armies in CP. =D

  21. Do you know what I think? I think that nearly every single one of you had forgotten about what cp armies are about. They aren’t about blaming other people for something, or who owns the most land, or who betrayed who. They are about having fun and making club penguin interesting, but all I see here are people shouting at one another. Do you really think that the first ever club penguin soldiers want us to fight like this?

    • Hmm, I am one of the first ever CP soldiers and I love it.
      Having huge flame war’s is great fun and seem’s to be a part of war today. (: Get over it I say and have some fun 😉

  22. ACP: Long live the King

  23. Really Good Post

  24. You have your facts completely wrong. You completely bittersweet this whole post, making it seem like DW are the bad ones. When DW gets treated like crap from their strongest ally (NW) then it’s adamant that they will leave. We don’t like getting treated like crap, especially from people that we fight for and that were supposed to be our allies. We knew if DW stayed with the NW alliance that we could have won, but it was NW’s fault for treating the DW army like crap. Now the ACP (our new ally) is actually treating us like ally’s, something the NW army couldn’t figure out how to do. It’s truly pathetic how some armies think they are just too good so they can just treat the other armies like crap, even to their allies. That is what NW did to the DW.


    DW Leader

    • Yes, NW got what they deserved. But all the same, because DW did not put thought into it before choosing a side ACP now dominates CP. DW, because it “betrayed” NW will not face repercussions.

      In other words, both you AND NW are at fault. Not simply one side as you explain it as.

  25. Let me add something else as well;

    “And so when DW, an army so uninfluential it should have been indifferent in the tide of war, switched sides” – Emperer

    Emperer, you might be the STUPIDEST person on here. All you have been doing on this post was talking out of your a**. If DW was so “uninfluential” in this war, then why would the NW Alliance be so upset that they lost us? Yeah, call us whatever you want, but an “uninfluential” army is not the right word to describe us. You have the potential of being one of the worst writers on here. You have completely lost all of my respect as a writer on here. It should be a matter of time before they fire you off of CPAC.

  26. yeah, i realize it is this bad… but… i’m not in CP armies to step on others, like the newer generation. I don’t care if we lose as long as we do it with dignity, and i’m defenitley not gonna quit because i did’nt get a promo or got demoted. We can’t go around stomping on others to get to the top
    We gotta wait.
    and that’s what i’ve for the past 10 months in CP armies/IW.

  27. It’s just horrible! but i don’t see many people like that on IW… :s

  28. So bascially, your CRITIZING IW as well, Emperer? Thats not true. i’m not into myself that much to forget a war, i do whatever i can and i know my limits. The troops of IW[Not the noob generation!] Are strong troops who are loyal and Just Allout good soliders.i’m not a leader, owner, mod rank or anything like that. I’m just a headmajor. yet i know this, because i know that the member ranks are willing to fight, to protect. so why are you saying that we are Conceited!?!!


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