A “World War”: Dissolved

The expectations that people had for the ongoing NW-Nacho and ACP conflict were bigger than any conflict that has occurred since WWIV in November 2008. Previous wars had been dissolved by the lack of trust between allies and armies cracking under pressure. This war has proved to be no different. If you recall my marathon analogy from my first post regarding to this war almost 3 weeks ago, I said the army community was on mile 4 of a 26.2 mile trek. Well, we just got to mile 20 and our glycogen storage ran out and we didn’t have any fuel gels…

How did it happen? The Dark Warriors are an army that have been around for quite a long time, but this generation shocking warfare is quite new. In the middle of the war, they proved to be a powerful ally to the Nacho and NW side. As the war progressed, the Dark Warriors rose to the occasion and helped the Nachos and NW win some important battles. Despite this, the Dark Warriors felt as if they were being “used” by the Night Warriors. An incident on an xat chat proved that the Night Warriors did not have respect for the Dark Warriors, and repeatedly kicked/banned them from the Night Warriors’ chat for “copying us” and “being DW.” This was the last straw for the Dark Warriors, so they made the decision to side with the ACP earlier today.

The army that started out as an unlikely ally to the NW and Nacho cause was about to become the army that would allow the alliance to fall apart. Following this, the Ice Warriors announced their dropping out of the war. The Nachos were the next to crack under the pressure. The Nachos dropped out of the war, in refusal of fighting the Dark Warriors, and after not being confident enough in if the Nachos and Night Warriors could take on the ACP with their newfound allies. At this point in time, the war has become ACP, DCP, and DW vs the Night Warriors. (completely one sided)

Here are some pictures from the ACP website:

The Dark Warriors accept an alliance with ACP.

The Nachos drop out.

In addition, two out of the three current IW leaders have opted to drop out as well.

DISCLAIMER: The following section is my speculation based on previous experiences with the ACP leadership. Yes, this is slightly biased against ACP. However, this does not mean it can not be factual.

This section is mainly to get you to think a little bit beyond your box. Some would argue the reasoning behind the Dark Warrior’s true betrayal. As many of us know, the leaders of the ACP, are known for their ability to convince other army leaders of things. I faced this manipulation and even cracked under it once with Boomer 20 during my leadership. I know from experience that the ACP’s first approach is usually diplomacy, and next is deception.(lying about what your allies are doing behind your back, the hopelessness of the war)Was Oagalthorp/Mchappy pressuring the Dark Warriors into an alliance? Or did the Dark Warriors directly come to the ACP with a request of an alliance, without prior discussion by the ACP leaders about it?


European, African, and Asian Soldiers

In addition, this war consisted of strategical planning not commonly used in warfare today. This past week, all of ACP’s invasions consisted of one in the morning, and one in the afternoon, despite these days being school days. The ACP completely relied on their troops in Europe, Africa, and Asia for these invasions, instead of the USA troops which are most commonly the main source of troops. If your army is filled with soldiers that are not from the United States, then invading in the morning is something that can dismantle the opposing army when they barely have 1/5th of their force on!

However, if your army only has troops overseas, then it is a bit hard to compete with most armies that have ranks filled with US troops. Most armies consist of US troops, which is exactly why the Night Warriors lost so many servers this week. The Nachos and Night Warriors were simply too American based, and even though the Dark Warriors have many soldiers NOT in the USA for their size, it did not compare to ACP’s overseas force.

In addition to this, some people are calling the ACP “cheap” for these invasions. Is it really cheap to take advantage of your plentiful European/Asian/African troops? Please give your opinion in the comments below.


This short post pretty much wraps up the events of today! Please, comment your opinions!

Were the Dark Warriors pressured into an alliance with the ACP?

Is it cheap to schedule invasions when 90% of the opposing army has school?

Does NW have a chance?


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  1. DW was used, they were attacked by a 1st generation army even though NW copied DW. Next it is not cheap to schedule eastern hemisphere invasions for UMA did during GT G2 and crippled GT. Also I planned AM recruitments before being relieved of my position in GT for I knew the Golden Troops we powerful in europe. Lastly NW will need allies to win the war, since they abused their last allies’ troops. IF NW wants to live, they need to alter their ideals or perish before DW/ACP

  2. Answers to questions :


  3. responses to Gord’s comments: STFU noob

  4. It isn’t cheap. It gives a chance for your European/Asian/African soldiers a piece of the action.

  5. We never pressured DW into anything. “KlowN” made the post about disrespect than Circa and Oagalthorp talked with each other.

  6. It seems like DW holded all the cards in this war. Once they move to acp side, nachos drop out then iw drops out…At least this war lasted a long time 🙂


    • Similarly if NW or Nachos had dropped out, all would have been lost.

    • I completely called that DW would play an important part in the war. I told the ACP leadership that the DW would be an important army in this; now they were.

      Now that this war seems to be all but over, I’m interested to see if armies can follow the suit of this war and have long lasting wars again. Imagine that! Long wars that are fun! Unheard of!

  7. European/Asian/African people should have a time to train also. It’s not fair that only Americans have a chance to go to events.

    However, I’m torn between choosing sides. It IS unfair to knock down an army when you know you have so much bigger advantage because it implies that you are cowardly. Then again, attacking an army when they’re weakest is a smart move.

    • I agree.
      Why would you attack an army when they are at their strongest and you at your weakest?
      It is tactical strategy and you may call it cowardly but you should use these things to your advantage.

  8. I must admit that I advised the ACP leadership to make an alliance with DW; however, this was weeks ago, and before I realized DW was on NW’s side in the war.

    This does aggravate me though, the war is too one-sided, I’m afraid it will end quickly.

  9. To clarify, there are quite a number of Canadians in ACP and other armies as well(Well, actually I’ve heard NW doesn’t have many of us epics)

    And for the euro soldier question.

    Its fair, if a real army has a reserve unit sitting around and the enemy does not, does that mean you cant use yor reserve unit? Nooo, because your around to win.

    and in Cp armies, your around to win and have FUN.

    fun should be every army leader’s first priority for their army.

  10. I haven’t met a single person that live’s in Africa or Asia during my time in CP armies. = Armies don’t even list the times for those region’s so I don’t understand where you got that idea from….

  11. Excellent point. Stephen R. Covey’s “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” (the 1989 edition) talks somewhat along these lines. Below is my own synoptical analysis of the sociology and psychology embedded in the leaders of today’s generation of Club Penguin warfare and politics based on Covey’s model of proactivty:

    Leaders today are more subject to reactivity rather than proactivity. In other words, the reactive leaders’ behaviors are the functions of conditions, not their decisions. Proactive leaders are vice-versa.

    For instance, reactive leaders respond negatively to “social weather.” When those leaders are treated well concerning their participation and achievements, they feel good about themselves; however, if they are treated bad concerning those two things, then they feel bad about themselves. These leaders are easily manipulated to doing things.

    Proactive leaders are the opposite. The stimulus doesn’t cause them to IMMEDIATELY respond to it. They have the freedom to choose self-awareness, imagination, conscience, independent will, etc. In other words, they don’t give a flying crap what others think about them whether good or bad. they are driven by values, not by circumstances, conditions, or the current environment. They cannot be manipulated.

    What made Commando so successful was that he was proactive. Instead of reacting to the stimulus, the stimulus reacted to him. Instead of he being enslaved by the stimulus, the stimulus was enslaved to him.

    If only more leaders were proactive, Club Penguin armies would be at their very best.

  12. ~Donut goes onto NW chat to speak with high ranks about concerns of them using DW to win UK based wars only.

    ~Donut get’s kicked/banned for “copying NW” and “being DW”.

    ~Donut make’s a post about the NW using DW.

    ~Donut speaks with Circa and they come to the idea that they should have a look at switching sides.

    ~Circa talks with Oagalthorp about switching sides and other things, it happens.

    ~DW joins ACP side in the war but will not help DCP in any wars.

    ~The rest happens……..

    • First, I’m sorry if NW insulted you, I wasn’t on.
      Secondly, sorry for asking DW to defend an ally, as NW, Nachos, and IW (on occasion) invaded ACP tirelessly. DW shouldn’t even have lifted a finger, is what you’re suggesting. Used? We were using you the same way you used NW and Nachos to invade ACP, while you stood there and did nothing.
      Sorry for the misunderstanding…

      • It’s a snowball effect.

        It turns out the gullibility, oversensitivity of personal feelings, and greed of the lower Top 10 that NW has profited from has turned against them.

        As simple DW, one army, makes one rash, unorthodox decision it cripples the alliance and the staples that held the alliance together begin to fall.

        It is what happens when you give supreme executive power to someone like Spice.

      • Vendetta acting nice????
        Is this like his sister because this is to good to be true!

  13. So, the current sides are as follows

    ACP, DCP, and DW vs NW?

    If I am incorrect, I please reply telling so.

    Now, in the pictures, I would blur out the swear. I must keep constantly reminding people that there are little seven year olds repeating everything they see. Now, we don’t want CP Warfare to fall under another thing like the transition from the forums to wordpress, do we? I highly suggest censoring the swears wherever they are, just to keep this site “age-appropriate.”

  14. Excellent point. Leaders today are more subject to reactivity rather than proactivity. Stephen Covey’s “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” (the 1989 edition) goes along these lines. Allow me to summarize the sociology and psychology of the leaders today concerning Club Penguin warfare and politics according to Covey’s proactive model:

    Reactive leaders’ behaviors are the functions of their conditions, instead of their decisions. Proactive leaders are vice-versa. In other words, reactive leaders are deeply affected by “social weather.” If they are treated well because of their participation and achievements, then they feel good about themselves. If they are treated bad, then they feel bad about themselves. They react to the stimulus without making an independent choice on how to respond to it, which makes leaves them open to be manipulated and controlled.

    Proactive leaders are the opposite. They don’t give a flying crap what others think about them whether good or bad. Instead of reacting based by circumstances, conditions, or the environment, they choose to react to it based on well-thought out values. Instead of reacting immediately to the stimulus based on feelings, they make the independent choice based on self-awareness, imagination, conscience, and independent will. They have already reached self-actualization according to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs with having harmony within themselves and others; they are an ideal individual.

    Commando was proactive. He had his values in check and responded to the environment accordingly based on his values alone, not the circumstances. Instead of he being enslaved by the stimulus, the stimulus was being enslaved by him. Instead of being manipulated by others, he could manipulate others because those reactive people can be influenced by certain conditions.

    If leaders today were proactive like Commando, Club Penguin armies would create a new and better Golden Age. Wars would be longer and more intense because leaders and soldiers would fight for their values, not because they were called “poopyheads.”

    • For those who couldn’t comprehend my analysis:

      Reactive – There’s nothing I can do!
      Proactive – Let’s look at our alternatives.

      Reactive – That’s just the way I am!
      Proactive – I can choose a different approach.

      Reactive – He makes me so mad!
      Proactive – I can control my feelings.

      Reactive – They won’t allow that!
      Proactive – I can create an effective presentation.

      Reactive – I have to do that!
      Proactive – I will choose an appropriate response.

      Reactive – I can’t!
      Proactive – I choose.

      Reactive – I must!
      Proactive – I prefer.

      Reactive – If only!
      Proactive – I will.

    • Omega, I think you might be putting too much thought into a game for 7 year olds o.O

  15. it would of been nice for nw to respect what we did for them.

  16. Why does this always happen..

  17. Sorry DW, NW kicks and guests EVERYONE that is not in NW. It does not matter who you are…

  18. Most Europeans have half-term, look it up Pern.

    I’m a poet and I don’t know it.

  19. It isn’t cheap, it’s being smart, using your troops to your advantage. Im British and I went to all the Acp day time invasions. We still got around 20.

  20. hehe… 69

  21. Were the Dark Warriors pressured into an alliance with the ACP? Pressured by NW to join ACP with NW’s bad policies.

    Is it cheap to schedule invasions when 90% of the opposing army has school? No Way! Its using troops that normally don’t get to have battles to their advantage.

    Does NW have a chance? A small one
    ***Person1233*** is awesome?
    Yes, and is he a nudist?

  22. 2ndness by reply

  23. It just shows that the acp has better tactics!

  24. Besides, NW uses everyone!

  25. European events are normal events, just at a time for Europeans.

    It is the same as mainly American army atttacking a predominantly European army too late for the European Army to defend.

    This does happen, but it doesn’t cause nearly as much of an issue.

  26. Why make a huge debate over something online?
    It doesn’t make sense.

  27. 0_o

  28. Are Person and Billy hermaphrodites?

  29. Even though im a Nacho, ACP timing was strategic, though a bit shady. However this just shows ACP means business when u challenge them.

  30. well this war is over pretty much, so what now?

  31. …no offence or anything, but this post sounds a bit biast against ACP. It is not cheap to use European/African/Aisan soldiers, it is tactical. If NW and the nachos don’t have any overseas soldiers, then we can easily invade. You shouldn’t have said it was cheap. Some people could find it offensive and racist. Also, DW came to ACP with the alliance, I know because I was there. Apart from those things, nice post.

    • I never said it was cheap. I had been reading some comments on the ACP site that were calling ACP cheap for doing what they were doing, so I decided to get the opinion of CPAC.

  32. The DW had an excellent reason for joining the ACP: the NW were using them (at the very least, they weren’t helping them with their own defenses), and they say that the ACP’s cause was just (two of the leaders knew this right off the bat, and the other one realized it after 5 minutes of talking).

    The ACP didn’t use them. Just because the NW and Nachos—the “number 1 and 2” armies—lost (or, for NW, will lose) doesn’t mean the ACP and their allies had to do anything immoral to win.

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