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Albaro Lord’s Edit: Hey guys, I just want everyone to know that the position of Servers Page Maintainer will soon be open! I will be retiring at the end of February or the beginning of March. Since I’m on break right now I won’t retire for about a week or two, but as CPAC’s 3rd Servers Page Maintainer I just want to let people know. I hope someone who tries as hard as I do or harder to keep the Servers Page up-to-date.


Look lower for Army Council meeting info! || Debate Page is up and running once again, check it out!

So, basically, this is set of apologies – apologies long overdue.

I am sorry most for my actions towards you, Skloop. I realized that what I was doing here for the past few months was really overstepping my powers as a Secondary Head, and I apologize. I was sort of… living in the past, if you will, when I made those harsh statement a week ago, and even when I took matters into my own hands after your personal problems caused you to leave temporarily. I now understand I shouldn’t have made such major decisions on my own, and I know I wouldn’t like it if you did what I had done when I was head. So, I’m really sorry, and I hope that if I offended you in any way, you can find it in your heart to forgive me.

I’m also sorry to Blue, my fellow 2IC. Even though we don’t talk much, I don’t treat you like my equal, and that is completely wrong. You have just as much power, right, and deserve as much respect as me. From now on, I promise to treat you as my equal, and absolutely nothing less. I also want to apologize to the CPAC staff, for being way too aggressive. Even though the gap in posting was debatably unacceptable, I shouldn’t have been so quick to get so angry. To the remaining and future staff, I hope this won’t affect our relationship.

Blue2: GP, apology accepted, but it wasn’t all your fault. I was not being a very good Secondary Head those few months. I kind of started to take my position for granted. In a way, you helped me to realize how complacent I had become. Besides that, you have helped the site greatly in ways that only you could by getting us back to our former prestige. It is a great pleasure to work with you, because not only have you helped me be a better Sec. Head, but you have helped the site as a whole. 😀

Next, I believe I owe an apology to Trickster (I’m not addressing him as Pink Mafias). My investigation, which was really a bunch of crap I pulled together in a measly 35 minutes, should never have been published. It ruined our friendship, because I know you’re a really cool guy, and I was a little biased and one-sided in that post. I hope you can also try to forgive me, because even though you’re surrounded by a huge controversy at the moment, you’re still a really awesome dude. Note: To follow this debate, you can visit the current UMA website or CompWiz5000’s website.

Lastly, I want to say sorry to the CPAC viewers. You shouldn’t have to take my crap day in and day out, and because you do and no one stops me (until now), I’d like to thank you. Thank you, for being patient with me, and I promise I’ll improve the quality of my posts, behavior, and attitude.

So, I hope that clears things up.


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  1. Your investigation is nothing to apologize for. While some information wasn’t quite accurate, it just bring to light a lot of points before I was able to get to them. Very noble of you. For the full story though I’ve updated (and continue to update) http://pinkmafias.wordpress.com so please go there to see why Trick isn’t Pink.

  2. We no speak americano.

  3. But I like reading your crap!

  4. Your apology accepted, and your one of the people that I’m sorry I lied too. Your a cool friend of mine, and I like to keep it that way (sorry, we’re not gonna go to 2nd base 🙁 )

    🙂 Love youuuu


  5. You should write something on how DCP leader Max hacked GT chat. I’m pretty sure we’re gonna fight back. Kthx.

  6. http://arcticwarriorscp.wordpress.com/2011/02/26/i-love-you-guys-invasion-results/

    Derp. Watch out, AW will rise from the depths of the darkness and conquer other armies.

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