Happy New Year! :)


Aloha, one and all, all and one, blah blah blah. Erm, just a quick post, I just wanted to see what everyone was up to and to catch up with some friends. By the way, am I the only one with xat not working 😕 . I’ll try to get on tonight, December 30, but I’m not sure how that’ll work out. My name will be Godplayer123 [CPAC], so you’ll know it’s me if you wanna talk. Happy new year! 🙂


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  1. 1st!

  2. Omg half a million hits.

  3. Actually, Xat crashed for me minutes ago, and it refuses to connect.

    Maybe the xat founder was fapping so hard that he fell on his equipment.

  4. >and to catch up with some friends

    You’ve been gone like 2 days?

  5. None of my frickin’ comments show up.


    • Ya all my comments that were against anyone in any way weren’t showing up for a while too. So I just logged out and posted that way and it worked fine.

  6. Xat isn’t working for me either. But I hardly go on it, since I got IRC

  7. Playa!

  8. Alb better not make a 1 mil hits party.

  9. The following parties will be made by Alb during the course of 2011:

    500,00 Hits Party
    Martin Luther King Jr. Day Party
    Valentine’s Day Party
    President’s Day Party
    600,000 Hits Party
    St. Patrick’s Day Party
    April Fool’s Day Party
    Easter Day Party
    700,000 Hits Party
    Memorial’s Day Party
    Summer Break Party
    Independence Day Party
    800,000 Hits Party
    CPAC Anniversary Party
    Labor Day Party
    900,000 Hits Party
    Halloween Day Party
    Thanksgiving Party
    1 Million Hits Party
    Christmas Party
    New Year’s Party

  10. it isnt 30 seconds till English new year lol

  11. oops read it wrong xD

  12. dude SF new year isn’t a four hour difference it’s only a 3 hour diff from NY.

  13. happy new years eve 😀

  14. Hey Playa, Happy New Year! 😉

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