Hello, everyone. RMStitanic94 here, posting about today’s PB – Team Gold ( TG ) and Army Republic ( AR ). Most of us here know TG is falling. There are many signs.

1: Desperate attemps to make troops active.

2: Losing to RFW in the TG and RFW war.

3. Surrendering to UMA when UMA invaded TG nation.

And much much more…………

AR knew TG is falling, so they decided to challage Team Gold. They arranged a PB with TG, and tonight it happened. AR’s size was larger than TG at most of the time, and AR’s tactics were way much better than Team Gold’s. AR was doing lots of tactics, while TG just sat there. When most of us understood that AR was going to PB TG, we probably thought that TG was going to win. But tonight, the unbeileveable happened. An army that’s not even in the top ten yet, beat the 4th largest army of CP, Team Gold. This is very interesting, and if your surprised, don’t be. Want to know why? Because about half of TG’s troops don’t even listen, while 95% of AR’s troops listen and follow orders. TG probably had more people on chat than AR, but like I said, TG trooops didn’t follow orders, and lots didn’t go on CP. AR’s troops was doing everything they were told to do, they went on CP, they followed orders, and they won. Good job AR!

Now without further ado, let’s start.

Below text are copied from AR site:

Victory! Good Job!

Posted on December 27, 2010 by 122344a

Ar im so suprised that we won and im so proud of you! Here is the whole story.

         “AR first logged on at the snow forts recruiting their troops at 4:22 PST. TG was waiting at the Ice berg patiently and ready to fight. Once Ar reached a good 20 soldiers they went to the ice berg and made a huge line cutting through TG’s line going down. Tg ran and made a l ine going across right below AR. Here is a picture of what it looked like.

   TG later retreated to the Town where they were j bomb about 10 seconds later by Ar soldiers.  Tg stood their ground for a long time but eventually gave out and made a quick stop through the snow forts and went back to the Ice berg. Ar was Joke bombing any remaining TG soldiers at the town but they later saw that TG was at the Ice berg. They brawled it out at the Ice berg with TG having greater numbers, but once again more Ar soldiers came and cut through the TG line doing many tactics such as the War faces, e + p puffle emote, and an Ar bomb. TG began losing more troops and then Ar did a massive joke attack to make almost all of TG log off. Ar stayed at the Ice Berg 5 minutes after TG left. They looked around CP to see that no TG was left. To finish it Ar went to the iceberg and said Ar wins to the remaining 3 TG and left. TG did actually put up a very strong fight and they are a very good army with great leaders such as spice. You guys did good and good job AR! Keep up the great work!


Below text are copied from TG site:

Victory |It’s Just A PB|

Posted on December 27, 2010 by Saint Spice

Today, I believe TG won the practice battle on Walrus. Both armies maxed around 20-25 people. Not the best performance I’ve seen in TG, but not the worst either. To AR: Stop whining, I offered a tie, or a win for TG. You could’ve taken them. TG was best in size, AR was best in tactics. Our size was very good during the battle, so was AR’s but whining doesn’t change the fact of victory. It’s not like it’s a real victory, we’re all winners. Why? It was just a practice battle! And even if it wasn’t, we’re CP armies. Based off of a girl made for little girls (I’ll tell you all about CP’s creation and it’s reasons later) some guy decided to have a real practice battle on the game, then CP armies started. Do we really need to curse out eachother over it?

Anyways here are some pics. <- Fail

So there it is… Victory. As I said before, I will only give promotions if we do good. We did exceptional, so I’m only giving promotions to those who provided pictures. Recruiting all week this week.

~Saint Spice

I don’t want to be rude to TG, but I noticed that TG is doing the same thing with pics that DCP were doing. Long story short, they are picking pictures that makes them look good. If you were at the PB, I’m sure you would agree with me.

I say that both armies did good, but AR’s size and tactics were better than TG’s. AR seems pretty confident that they won, same thing with TG. So which army won? You decide.

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– RMStitanic94

67 Responses

  1. l0l.

  2. I think this is the best post this week, maybe.

  3. AR won i was there the whole time im in IV and i could easily tell that AR was dominating they had better tactics and better size.

  4. wow ar is dominating the polls with 88%

  5. TG=dead

  6. It was pretty obvious anyway that the TG “trooops”
    wouldn’t follow orders.

  7. when ar gets 100% ar wins

  8. vote for ar

  9. tg alreday lost

  10. tap dancer do u mean tg is dead tg is rlly X_X

  11. TG won. Also TG surrendered in the UMA war because they brought nachos and ACP in 🙄

  12. AR has one pic. We have 4. Also, Rmstitanic94 happens to be a moderator in AR.

  13. Ar won from the looks of it

  14. †נ zє ƒℓуιηg gσℓ∂ƒιѕн, don’t I also happen to be moderator rank in TG?

  15. he hac

  16. he has you there

  17. I don’t see you on the ranks

  18. TG lost I’m sure… TG ADMIT THAT AR WON

  19. I think AR won. AR and TG kinda had the same size and when 2 armies are close to same size, it all depends on tactics.

  20. AR won, mainly because TG took pics of when AR was just beginning to come in. But also, AR trumped TG in tactics.

  21. I’d just like to point out that TG had the size advantage except for during that one pic. =

  22. Yeah TG only took pictures when AR first got into the room.

  23. Lol, this was the most biased post I have ever read I Cpac. I read that first paragraph and just stopped reading. I’m not defending TG but this was a lol post for me.

  24. ar won end of stroy period

  25. listen sas girl tell ur army ar wo so we can get over with it and iv and acp sad we won so and the poll said so did tg win no did ar win yes

  26. *won ignore my bad spelling

  27. OK why is everyone addicted to tactics all of a sudden?

  28. we never no and ar won

  29. “Long story short, they are picking pictures that makes them look good.”

    You’re accusing us of deliberately only picking pictures that make it look like we’re doing well. We had 4 pictures of us doing well wheras AR only had one. I find it hard to believe we’re the one’s who are at fault here.

  30. I was there for the whole thing and right when TG changed rooms and AR started to go to the room TG was in you took a picture to make it seem like you were doing well. You took a picture 5 seconds after Ar found out you were in that room. Thus only 5 AR being there in that room. If you had taken in 5 MINUTES after Ar found out you were in a certain room. Ar would have had the definite win. So stop lying trying to make it look like we had 5 because we didnt. Peculiar that in TG’s pics there is 5 AR but in Ar;s pictures there are 20 AR and 15 TG. The Ar’s pictures were more fair.

  31. liva do u mean ar won?

  32. liva we dont care about pics its about the battle u dumbass and ar won

    • I’m not arguing about the battle. Read my comment again until it makes sense -.-

      I was pointing out that his argument about TG using pictures that only make them look good isn’t valid in this battle considering the amount of pictures AR provided.

  33. ar won becuse iv and acp and the poll said end of stroy case close ar wins…

  34. so tg better stop whinning ar won but tg dont cry u will loose to dcp

  35. its clear to see that ar won…

  36. thx gordon and ik ian we alreday won

  37. AR had way better tactics and better size, while TG just stood there most of the time. I don’t get why armies don’t admit defeat these days, after all its just a pb.

  38. ya rebel u have a point but ar still won

  39. its like that you guys dont know how to reply…

  40. I took that epic pic. 😀

  41. Guys, Guys, Its just PB. Who cares.

  42. I’m gonna agree on both ends, TG did well in the first half, But towards the middle/end TG got smaller and AR got bigger, 😆 I also love this whole drama thing over a PB.

  43. XD austin

  44. again its like you guys dont know how to reply O.e

  45. i kill u ian >:D

  46. AR won!
    no Doubt

  47. Pb’s are chickenshit. It’s like Russia and USA fighting each other and killing each other than they said its just a pb. They also take out the fun in CP Warfare.

  48. goldfish all ur lies and we dont care about pics u gay dumbass so go fu*k urself and cry while ar yells in victroy all tg are dumbasses so ar won so all tg better stfu ok

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