The Holiday Smackdown — The Real Finals


Okay, FINALLY a date has been agreed upon. Amazingly, the Holiday Smackdown is getting a lot of votes for the Best Tourney of 2010, so I guess I’m not doing THAT bad with it =3.

After the voting, and chat surveying many people, I have come to one conclusion. First – I absolutely cannot add the NW back in to the tourney unless I add the Nachos back in.

That being the case, yes, both armies are out!

Anyways, here’s the battle info:



  • DATE: December 31st, 2010 [New Year’s Eve]
  • PLACE: Outback, armies choose their starting position
  • TIMES: For all time zones…
    12 PM PST
    1 PM MST
    2 PM CST
    3 PM EST
    8 PM GMT
  • JUDGES: Trickster, SaW, Alfrondo, Sklooperis and Wexfief as judges


Good luck to all armies participating! The results will be posted after the battle, along with the Yearly Awards Winners and the new Top 10 Armies.

Sklooperis: CPA Central CEO

122 Responses

  1. awesome 1st? 2nd?

  2. Wooooo I was first

  3. Nachos and NW both are not participating.

  4. Vote no, a 4 way battle is hell

  5. NW have dropped out. For the reasons stated below
    1) We feel it has become ACP-controlled. Skloop has been basing his decisions off what McHappy tells him.
    2) NW were ALREADY voted on and now we have to be voted on again?
    3) This tournament has just become messed up with so much indecision.

  6. The truth comes out
    And my personal favorite.

  7. nw lost… thats really all you have to say

  8. Thank you sir Skloop. NW would have Gaven ACP a bigger challenge, but I personally thought Nachos deserved it. It was a very unexpected tournament!

  9. New Years Eve?!?!!? The whole army will be gone at parties, or atleast I will 😀

  10. lol

  11. alf still hates iv…

  12. wait
    you have ALFRONDO and SAW as judges!?!

  13. Nachos and NW gave reasons, but I still think they only dropped out because they were bored or were having a bad time troops wise. Honestly, how many leaders, real life and CP army based, “feel they need to earn the spot instead of just being voted”
    As for NW, it is ACP controlled. But ACP is the biggest army mainly because of their freaken name! Unless their’s something big, like a civil war in ACP or otherwise, everything voting wise will always be ACP controlled.

    • or major hack….*wary*

    • ACP is big because of their name? That is the most idiotic thing I’ve ever heard. Do you not see all the noobs going “ACP IS ANTI CP”. ACP has worked hard for where they are today, so how dare you say that. Plus if everything is “ACP controlled” it’s not our fault. If our soldiers want to vote, let them vote.

  14. So Mchppy and ACP were the “Many people” you consulted about kicking IW out? Of course there gonna say yes, they want the least oppisition in the final round.

  15. this tourmant just got messed up!

  16. I have an agency that I would like to add to CPAC. I don’t know if there’s a test or anything but they’re called the Club Penguin Ultimate Super Spies and the website address is to check out the site and if you like it, then i recommend you to add it to CPAC! Even though it’s an agency… But the name is C.P.U.S.S. not CPUSS that’s the most important thing about my spy team’s name. And one problem, the site is on grouply not wordpress. But please find out a way for this to work CPAC is my only chance!

  17. the whole tourney should be cancelled.
    it is all messed up!
    the only way to be back on track is better judges.
    everyone had a fair chance of beating ice vikings.
    the touney is completly screwed up.

    • So you want this to be canceled because NW got kicked out? Sore loser? People gave their opinion; he listened.

      • mchappy you never get what im talking about.
        i mean not just nw but that everyone else had a fair chance of beating iv but because of poor judging im not just talking about nw mchappy im talking about every other army that fought ice vikings.

  18. dang these times are even worse than be better if the battles were on the 27th or somthing

  19. I’m not contradicting myself. Even though I said IW won, doesnt mean im biased. it was over a week ago, chill it. ._.
    Also, skloop, I don’t think this is a tourney. I viewed the pictures vend posted, and from my THOUGHTS, You have been listening to Mchappy this whole time. Even if it turns out true that Mc said to Kick NW out, you still listened now didn’t you? Same with IW. I said IW Won, And of course you asked Mchappy. Now what did he say? He said IV won, and exactly why would he say that? He is In IV. 😐

    Boomer: Tomb asked for NW to be taken out of the Tourney 😕

    • Wow so thats why IV won against IW. Mchappy is biased.

    • Not before though. :S

    • I don’t know how many times I have to say this…

      Listen, McHappy told me that everyone was upset about NW being back in, so I asked around, and it turned out they were. Everyone thought that NW shouldn’t be in unless Nachos were in too, so I made that poll.

      Then, I got tired of being everyone’s “monkey”, as Ven would put it, so I decided to finally do what I thought would be best for once, instead of listening to everyone else’s opinions. That lead me to add both NW and the Nachos in, instead of taking them out like McHappy wanted.

      Then they both dropped out, end of story, okay? I know that you guys can’t live with the fact that it’s possible for someone to have a different opinion and NOT be biased, but maybe if you would stop and realize that you’re the ones being biased towards me, and not me towards you… then we may finally agree.

    • Whoa, whoa, whoa. Sklooperis never asked me whom had won: Ice Vikings or Ice Warriors. I had nothing to do with that…

  20. Let me sum up the situation,
    1. IV (who are NOT on the top ten) is going up against ACP.
    2.They somehow beat the number three and two armies to be there.
    3.Acp can get about 80 at events.
    4.Iv can get about 40(?).
    5.the head of cpa central is a acp 3ic(no offence skloop,i am in acp.)

    Sound suspicious?

    Boomer: Skloop wasn’t the judge of the battles that IV won, so he is not at fault. Mistakes were made, yes, but it’s not like it was some sort of conspiracy, and Skloop is definitely not to blame either way.


  22. the IV better get atleast 3rd for making it second in the tourney -d-

    • You guys were the smallest army in the tourney, the whole thing was ACP controlled, of course ACP would like to face the smallest oponent so they have a bigger chance of winning. So I believe IV shouldn’t go so high. Also horrible date for finals, only no lives will get on. Overall of tourney WORST tourney of the year.

  23. If you guys are so angry why don’t you start a war? :mrgreen:

    PS. Why are my comments always put under moderation? 😕


  25. Has anyone else noticed how messed up this Final Tourney this is? IV against ACP? Seriously? An army not even in the Top ten is facing the number one army? Does that even make the slightest amount of sense? Obviously ACP is going to kill.

  26. if IV (SOMEHOW) beats acp then they should change their name to miricle vikings.

  27. blue i only call iv idiot vikings if im really pissed off but so far i call them ice vikings until you piss me off.

  28. failed tournament.

  29. IV’s not in the top ten but if you’ve seen us at events you would notice CPAC completly ignored IV and that we should have been Number 3 in the Top Ten way before this tourny started 😐

  30. My “Skloop approval rating” is rapidly declining as this tournament goes on….

  31. My money’s on the ACP. Not just because this is a battle for numbers and tactics. Those things probably won’t happen until the end. This is a battle of endurance, a 2 hr battle! The only way one of the armies’ will win is to last longest. (And that’s going to be tricky on New Year’s Eve.)

  32. With a 10 hour notice ACP could still defeat IV…

  33. Lets just declare ACP the winners now, m’kay?

  34. O MY GOSH theres always fighting y cant evryone justaccept the fact of some upsets u dont see in like a basketball tourny a big team like duke complaining they lost no so try to get real people

  35. and it isnt acp owned remeber when nw claimed doritos not a army then just beacause of that doritos have pretty much fallen

  36. You guys are seriously gone crazy to the point where I find most of you jealous. How did the Army of Club Penguin control this tournament? I said from the beginning that this tournament was wack, and I had nothing to do with it besides the Night Warriors; giving my opinion. I even told Sklooperis he didn’t need to listen to me. I have the freedom of speech and I let my mind speak for me. Also, Sklooperis never even judged; not much of the Army of Club Penguin judged. I actually can’t name one on the top of my head. Ice Vikings got to the finals by luck. We all agree that this tournament is wack, so just leave it alone. The Army of Club Penguin did not control anything…

  37. hey this is obvious acp is gonna win this tourney because skloop is acp and mchappy is acp so why should there be a finals anyways?
    it is 100% obvious acp is gonna win anyways because of mchappys bad habit so why should there be a finals and why does skloop listen to mchappy anyways? it ain’t even worth it because mchappy won”t do anything for skloop anyways.
    so this whole finals is now a small pb.

    • 1. My bad habit?
      2. Just because I am in ACP doesn’t mean it’s “my fault”.
      3. Sklooperis is one of my best friends. I do whatever I can for him.

  38. acp won the final. acp got 170-210 troops through out the battle. ice vikings had 20-30 troops through out the battle

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