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NOTE: For those interested, FW 3ic Steve Tim showed me the original post that led to CPA Central’s creation. It’s pretty cool, CLICK HERE to see it.

Welcome everyone, I have very exciting news for you all.

As you know, Godplaya has returned as Secondary Head in Boomer’s place, as Boomer resigned a few days ago. Together, he and I are working to restore this site back to it’s former glory and standards.

Another thing most of you know is that a few months ago, I created SMAC [Small and Medium Army Central], a site that would work report on the smaller armies while CPA Central dealt with the larger armies that were in or very near the Top 10. These two sites, along with the CPA Central Youtube, created the CPA Central Network.

We still had competition of course; there’s CPAE, who has always competed with us. That is, until now.

As of yesterday morning, I talked with Ladtom and Gistha, the heads of CPAE. We decided to merge CPAE in to the CPA Central Network.

The network now consists of:

  • CPA Central, for large army news
  • SMAC, which will soon be reformed for only medium army news
  • CPAE, for small and low medium army news
  • YouTube(s), each site has one for videos on different armies
  • Chat(s), each site also has one of these for fans of each site to chat

The CPA Central YouTube will soon be updated with the podcasts that will be run by Lorenzo. Also, as mentioned above, I am going to be reforming SMAC. I will work hard to make it more popular, and I will outfit them with a new site.

I would also like to note that Pringle, CPA Central’s Graphic Designer and the best designer in warfare, is making new graphics for the CPAE and SMAC sites.

There will soon be a new page called “Our Network” up about all of this on the CPA Central site. Check it out once I post it.


It’s been a few days since the voting was over. I was working on making an epic post with actual pictures of trophys and such for the awards, that’s why they aren’t out yet, but everyone’s saying they don’t care how it looks, so I’ll post the award results just normally.

Here are the winners. It was very close on some of them:

Battle of the Year: Legend’s Cup Finals: ACP vs. Nachos vs. NW, 38.28%
Tourney of the Year: Legend’s Cup, 64.36%
Most Grown Army 2010: Night Warriors, 43.48%
Best New Army 2010: Night Warriors, 40.68%
Worst Hack: CPA Central Hack(s), 62.22%

Best Leader of the Year: Pringle64, FW Leader, 38.24%
Worst Leader of the Year: TIE: Vendetta/McHappy, 28.8% each
Funniest Leader of the Year: Iasgae, ACP Leader, 41.98%
Biggest Perv of the Year: Person1233, 52.14%
Most Achieved Person 2010: Sklooperis, 37.72%
Biggest Retirement: Boomer 20, ACP Leader, 56.62%
Nicest Person: Pochoma, FW Leader, 31.25%

And finally, the most prestigious award.

The CPA Central Army of the Year for 2010 is…


Congratulations, ACP! You are the Army of the Year for 2010, and have now won the award for 3 years in a row.


Pretty exciting stuff, eh?

Comment with your opinion on the new expanded network and the Yearly Awards results!

Sklooperis: CPA Central CEO

127 Responses

  1. tis it such madnes!!

  2. Ummm… The finals were Nachos vs IW. :/

  3. CPAE was the last real competitor too.

    Don’t you love having all the news dominated by one network?

  4. Awesome Awards 😀

  5. Good Job Pring, Poch, and all the others

  6. Lolz at ACP:

    Congratulations, ACP! You are the Army of the Year for 2010, and have now won the award for 3 years in a row.

    If the awards are judged by popularity, don’t you think that the biggest army would win?

    • lol ya. By now it’s just about being the biggest and sitting on everyone. Next year we need to actually have lists of achievements that matter instead of being huge.

    • Amazing how no armies ever congratulate/agree with/don’t critisize ACP on anything.


      • It’s become a “force of habit” for most.

      • Agreed Ias.

      • Well, it is pretty biased. I mean this site has a half millions hits, ACP has like 3 mill+, so really, it’s pretty regular that the largest army would win a LOT.

        • The Acp site is also over 4 years old..

          • Yeah, I guess you did earn it, I was just hoping for more excitement. When same army keeps repeating it gets easy to know who would get army of the year. I was kind of hoping Night Warriors, because they took a HUGE LEAP TO WORLD POWER. They are right up there with ACP. It’s not so biased though, because there are as many haters as there are ACP fans. But probably a little more ACP. 😉

      • Call it an instinctive hunch.

        • You just retired from ACP a few weeks now and you are now against ACP… You ate also banned lmao

          • Ya, how terrible it must be not to be able to go on ACP chat! How can you possibly go on without seeing Noka talk in all Caps and Swear or get called an idiot by n00bs for disagreeing with the leadership? =O

          • I retired?

  7. XxD of course Skloop is most achieved

  8. Has anyone noticed that Vend and Mc got Worst Leader of the Year instead of Wwebestfan and that Vend and Mc actually did a lot for their armies? ACP and NW noobs… *sigh*

  9. Pringle won leader of the year? These awards have failed.

    • Be nice to pringy! Geez.


      • Hey gurl, don’t be pointing the finger at us, I just went with the poll results xP.

        You’re completely right though. I haven’t seen Vend lead, but he seems very good at it, and McHappy is just spectacular at it. Not to be biased sounding xD. But how often does the leader step down and promote the 2ic to leader because they’re just that good? Nobody has the self-esteem to do that unless the 2ic in question is incredible.

      • Well, CPAC weren’t the ones who voted. But I agree on the fact that Wwebestfan should’ve been worst leader by a landslide. He was so bad the Doritos almost overthrew him. The only reason DCP is so big under his power is because they are allies with almost all the Top 10 armies. Of course, this is just my opinion.

      • 🙁

        To be completely truthful, I earnestly declare that Tomb or Vend deserve it more than I do. However, I won it fair and square.

        Also, I agree with you, I think people are a little oversensitive when it comes to assertive, but amazing leaders like Vend and Mch.

        • Thanks prongle. You deserved it for sticking with RFW so long even with all it’s depressions. That takes alot of dedication and love for an army. I admire it. Also, Haterz gonna hate 😛

          Catch you on the flip side, homie.


        • Ya Pringy your don’t deserve it. I just don’t like saying it because it makes me sound like I think your a bad leader.

          Really your good just not the best, yet. Hopefully FW will get bigger and then you will have deserved it.

        • . . . and Oagal, and Pink Mafias, and Icey . . .

    • The real fail was how ACP and NW won like every award.

  10. Congratulations, ACP! You are the Army of the Year for 2010, and have now won the award for 3 years in a row.

    Im Shocked And Stunned

  11. If ACP fired 1 division, they would still be competitive for the number 1 spot.

  12. 1st of all of course 2nd no offence but skloop always go with the majority 3rd i am too used to rfw 4th of course mchappy would be the worst leader xp 5th umm yeah that”s it.

  13. Worst leader: Wwebestfan

  14. Congrats ACP for being the most hated army of the year 5 years in a row!

  15. Oh wow. ACP won. I wonder why? (think)

  16. Congratulatios, to all of CPAE! We are now officially part of the CPAC Network. Good luck to all!

  17. ACP….

    Well then Skloop, which army came in second?

  18. Your having a giraffe

  19. I think it should have been a more… exciting choice. Kinda disappointed =/.

  20. Didn’t the polls get hacked? 😯

    • No, those votes we legit. Now let us bask in the glory of Worst Leader of the Year. Bask with me, McHappy. Can you feel it?

  21. I won perv of the year?

    Ugh -.-

  22. I don’t know what to say. I am truly at a loss for words. For one I would like to thank all those who nominated me. Love you guys. Thanks for making my dreams come true! It is truly an honor.


  23. LMAO^^^^

  24. I Stopped Reading SMAC A Long Time Ago No Offence Its A Failure

  25. Skloop, WTF. Smac probably isnt even gonna merge into you anyway.

  26. srry bout my last comment

  27. CPAE is da best 😀

  28. IV grew more.

  29. It’s surprising anything to do with ACP only won 5/13 awards. I thought they would win more. Glad that didn’t happen!

  30. Dayum so close to 69 D=

  31. “Worst Army Leader” is code for “Army Leader Everyone Is Most Jealous Of”.

  32. Skloop I refuse to post just Medium army news. So, I hope you understand I’m not gonna post on a “league” of armies who aren’t small enough to be small and not big enough to be large. I will continue posting small armies on Smac SMAC isn’t MAC you can’t take the S out of SMAC that’s like taking the S out of Skloop, so To: Kloop.

    • However, in “Skloop”, the S does not stand for Small.

      So technically, that makes no sense at all. He’s taking the S out of SMAC because he wants you guys to report on medium armies only, and the S in SMAC stands for “Small”. There’s no reason you should take the S out of Skloop, because really, that S doesn’t mean anything.

  33. What’s the CPAE website link? Oh & SMAC workers, if it’s that hard to post about medium armies, just quit.

  34. Eh.. just because ACP was the largest army year round doesn’t mean it’s the Army of The Year. That should really go to NW, they went from practically nothing to a really formidable size in 2010…

    • Klug, there are two categories for an army that has grown a lot (the NW won both). Yes they have grown, but they still haven’t grown to ACP levels. ACP still deserves the award.

      • Oagal you missed the point of the comment.

        Sure ACP is big, but once your big you have to do A LOT to ruin that. (I mean it took like 7 massive problems to end the RPF Empire)

        The Army of the Year could not be NW and it could not be ACP. If I was forced to pick the army that would best represent CP Armies, it would be niether.

        Truly the best army would be modest, holds it’s tounge when it should, and doesn’t back down when it is right. (No, I’m not talking about RPF incase you thought I was super-biased or something)

        We need to base awards off not solely how the army preforms but how the army would be proven as the best. It would be like saying that the best student is obviously the one that scores the highest.

        Think of great achievements, of miricle battles one that shaped the year. Think of great leaders that really have left a mark in history instead of simply leading a big army and not failing.

        It should take more being the best at having a large number of uneducated soldiers(ACP) or having murdered the most armies for self-gain(NW) to become the best army of the year.

        The same way it should take more than getting the highest grade(ACP) or having dated the most people(NW) to say you were the most successful student.

  35. Mc and Vend for worst leaders? Vend maybe should’ve been it but Mc absolutely no. Also you got the Battle of the Year: Legend’s Cup Finals: ACP vs. Nachos vs. NW wrong. It is a different name.

  36. Uh oh, spadoodios!

  37. This is biased. Give the army of the year award to an army that ISN’T acp… they don’t deserve it. 3 YEARS IN A ROW! Un…believable

  38. Since when was the army of the year award judged by size and popularity?

  39. Its really a miracle that ACP and NW noobs can affect a poll. Who knows? Maybe they’ll choose the right person next time.

  40. Hello! This is Grant42, Head of SMAC. All of my workers have been complaining about this “CPAE” thing, and I do not find it too fair myself. First of all, we were never helped by CPAC, so you should not be able to regulate us. We will continue to post about small, and medium armies, at no one’s expense. Personally, I think there was a payoff involved because we have been having a lot of competition with CPAE.

    Though we are not changing the way we post, if we did adhere to these outrageous rules, then SMAC would slowly die off. There are many more small armies, and if they had a hold of low-medium too, then SMAC would be destroyed. We will not adhere to these rules. That is all.

    Good day.

  41. There was only two posts ever made about SMAC. The application one, and the “who got on the staff list” one. Skloop may have typed in “” and clicked “Register”, but I made the pages, the widgets, the rules, and the posts. I also made the staff, because most of the original people were fired because of their incompetence.

    Skloop can fire me if he wants, but it would cause an outrage. Most of my workers are against this, and they would all quit too (unless they had a lack of courage). SMAC would have to be restarted. We have done great so far, and our only request is that things don’t change.

  42. Stop directing all the attention to CPAE and remember the “M” in SMAC.

  43. So skloop i see you are basically killing SMAC off

  44. Here is what I have to say:
    Reforming SMAC is basically killing them off being CPAC has posts on some medium armies. Also the range between Medium and Large is way too small. If I am correct there is only a 6-8 person difference between small and medium. There are a handful of medium armies and ONLY a handful. As Sec. Head of SMAC, I say that if SMAC refuses it would look pretty bad on CPAC and Skloop if he deleted SMAC because “SMAC didn’t do what I told them to”

  45. […] listen to me. I know most of you hate me for this post. The creation of the CPANN. I admit, I didn’t word anything very well in that post, but hear […]

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