The Decade’s End Tourney Preview for Battle Day 1

Woton’s Edit: Actually, the Tourney is going to be quite a bit different than this and I’m going to be planning it.

Super long title I know. But since Wotonz has confirmed that The Decades End is going to happen, I have decided to make a preview for Match Day 1. Tomorrow I will do Match Day 2. Got it? Here’s The Bracket:

And here’s how I think in an unbiased way, how the Underdogs and Favorites go

Favorites Underdogs

ACP                                      VS                                   PDW

Tacos                                    VS                                 MFW

FW                                            VS                               CPST

HSA                                          VS                                MCP

Now for my previews of the battles



ACP, the largest army on Club Penguin, is facing a very smaller than them, in the Penguin Dynamite Warriors. The PDW have been on the rise.  Obviously, ACP is a way bigger army than PDW. PDW can average 10-15 people, while ACP can have up to 80-90 people. So yeah.. expect what you’ll expect.


This battle has a chance for MFW to win. MFW is an army that averages 10-15 people as well. If Tacos have Riffy they will crush MFW. But if they don’t I expect a MAJOR Upset to happen. Tacos without Riffy average 10-15 people as well. I honestly think that even without Riffy, Tacos will win. BUT, MFW can pull of an upset if they reach their maximum battle total, which is about 20. This will be a one to watch.


This is another battle to watch. CPST has been on the run kicking away competition. FW is a strong force that has been along this road more than once. FW can average 10-15+ per battle. CPST averages the same.  I personally think that FW’s Unknown Tactics and others will help FW prevail and defeat CPST.


One word: Ugly. This battle is as ugly as it gets. MCP is a growing army, but after HSA’s MONSTER turnout in the defense of Freezer, they’d have to some MAJOR mass recruitment to get even close. Two Words= HSA wins.

Thats all for now from me.. enjoy the tourney my friends.


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