The Nachos Return – Person1233 Overtakes Aka and Jay!

Today, Person1233, previous leader of the Nachos, overthrew Aka and Jay’s leadership. Person has returned as an advisor and will be overseeing the Nachos new leadership that is soon to be elected. Almost all of the Nachos agree with this desicon and many people around the Club Penguin Armies are glad to see Aka and Jay go.

Quoting Person1233:

“The road you were on was straight towards hell. Akabob22 had the “I’m better than everything and everyone,” attitude. This attitude may seem good at first but then you realize, No, he acts like a complete asswipe all the time. The new leadership of the Nachos goal: Don’t act like a complete asswipe (The Akabob rule) Btw, I’m sorry if this posts seems choppy, it’s been a while since I’ve written a formal post for the Nacho army.”

It seems that this might be a new era for the Nachos, who will once again be one of the largest armies in Club Penguin with active troops and strong leaders. So far, the ACP and IW seem very willing to help the Nachos rebuild, since they are much more satisfied with their new leaders.

Quoting Boomer20:

“The future looks bright for the Nachos.”

Boomer’s poll on the ACP site, asking people if they were satisfied with the overthrowing of the previous Nacho leaders, turned out to be over 90% “yes.” I wanted to have YOUR opinion in a similar poll, on completely un-baised ground.

As I’m sure you know, the Nachos used to be a massive army, the largest in all of Club Penguin. They used to dwarf even the 2nd largest army.

I wanted to ask you YOUR opinion on the Nachos growing back to their old size, now that they have a new leadership and system.

Make sure to comment with YOUR opinion on this issue along with if you think the Nachos will grow to their previous size!

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