Top 10 Armies of the Week / HSA vs CPC – Who do YOU Think Won?

Iceyfeet Edit: Wotonz, I think you should make a revised top 10 armies list. A lot of people are complaining that HSA is fourth because of the picture that had HSA AND ACP in it, both dressed in HSA uniform. Also, I need to talk to you on CPA chat or IW chat.

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First of all, I’d like to apologize for the list being late. I simply couldn’t finish it yesterday. Also, I know you all have been waiting a lot for the Fall Scavenger Hunt winners, but I will be releasing those tomorrow, along with the official release of the chat, and V.I.P. Page. The site will also be restored to normal and the new graphics will be released!

This week’s list was based off of the polls that were put out on Saturday. All of the results are based almost completely off of your opinions. Here is this week’s Top 10 Armies list!

1. ACP: The ACP had a very busy week, as always. At the beginning of the week, the ACP had some changes to their upper ranks. They are also still having some problems on their chat. They did some various cleaning up of their ranks and joining organization this week. They recently declared war on the Club Penguin Crew (read more below). They also had a couple of soldier retirements including the long time veteran, Shaboomboom.

2. IW: The IW have been falling somewhat ever since their site domain name was sold. At their most recently event that they had at the beginning of the week, they only had about half of what their massive size was before. They also are starting up something called the “IW Mall” which will is a fun event for their troops to attend. They also are having an Active Count (72 active so far) and are having a scavenger hunt. Plus they had a MAJOR recruiting session that was unshedualed and had over 35 people on CP, with over 25 on their chat.

IW at their most RECENT recruinting session/event.

IW at their most RECRUIT recruiting/event

3. Nachos: The Nachos have been doing fairly well the last week. They didn’t really do too much, although they are having some recruiting. They also is a rebellion against Jayson going on, along with a small rebellion against the Nachos that was started by Pringle.

4. HSA: The HSA had quite a busy week. At the beginging of the week, they had an unscheduled training session with a fairly large turnout. Next, they had a massive turnout at a recruiting session on Half Pipe. They fought the BB and also had a very large turnout. Next, they defeated the Nuggets also with a very large. They recently defeated the Club Penguin Crew, but apparently had A LOT help from the ACP. This picture is from when ACP was helping HSA against CREW. They had a mini recruiting session to help against crew. Do you think HSA deserves 4th even though this picture shows over half the troops are in ACP?

5. GW: The GW still seem to be rising even though they haven’t done much this week. At their most recent event that they went to at the beginning of the week, they had a fairly large amount of people, proving them to still be deserving the 5th position. They also had a retirement of one of their leaders, Cold Pizza, which seemed to be a very large deal. They had a large party for it and three different posts.

6. Tacos: The Tacos didn’t have too busy of week. At the beginning of the week they had a Promotion Day. Their leader, Riffy, decided to be more active and they will be having some site updates soon.

7. WW: The WW had a fairly busy week. At the beginning of the week, they had a recruiting and training session, with a fairly large turnout. They are currently declaring war on Team Gold.

8. IMAF: The IMAF had a fairly busy week. At the beginning of the week, they fought the Club Penguin Sun Troopers. They declared war on the TAGP, however the TAGP surrendered. They also fought the MFW with a fairly large turnout.

9. FW: The FW have started over somewhat. They are changing their theme and are having some upper rank changes. They didn’t really do too much the last week, although there were a couple of conflicts in the upper ranks and just some small events.

10. BP: The BP were thought to be dead for a while, until their most recent event where they fought the UMA and had a fairly large amount of people. After that, they had a Promotion Day. We’ll have to see how they continue after this.

I also know that UMA had a lot of difficulties and events this week, but they have fallen quite a bit. We’ll have to see if they can make their way up onto the Top 10 Armies list again.

Army of the Week


Club Penguin Sun Troopers

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For this week’s Army of the Week, I’m also going to writing a short section on the Sun Troopers: They are a fairly large army that I think could definitely be on the Top 10 Armies list soon. Just like the HSA, GW, BP, IMAF and basically every army ever to be on the Top 10 Armies list this army seems to be really rising and could be one of the future large armies of Club Penguin.


We’ll have to see how they go!


Recently, the HSA and the Club Penguin Crew fought it out in a very large battle.


Apparently, the ACP helped out the HSA quite a bit in this battle. Boomer admitted that he got the ACP to fight CPC with the HSA on chat.


I want YOUR opinion on this battle – who do YOU think won?

Now, the ACP has declared war on the CPC. It seems like a lot of armies have declared war on the CPC lately, but they’ve continued to keep going for the most part. A lot of this might be due to that they are a “fan club” and are continuing to follow their leader, Jeepkid7, as a fan. Jeepkid7 also recently returned to the CPC, after retiring from them and having them fall quite a bit. The CPC still are a fairly large, but I’m not really sure if they are considered an army yet.

Comment with YOUR opinion on the Top 10 Armies list and battle!

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  1. 1st. BTW I think HSA won HSA vs. CPC…..also, the Top 3 back in this week is the same as the CURRENT top 3! Plus, the week that this Top 10 was for the week I created my Club Penguin Account!

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