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  1. Post restored on October 4, 2010 by Bluesockwa2 😀

  2. yay 4th 0_0

  3. BOO YAH!! FIFTH!!
    sorry for the caps i get excited sometimes 😀

  4. are 7th?

  5. i was bored so i commented here *wary*

  6. 2 things.
    1. Why do you still have that edit up?
    2. 13th :l

  7. I’m kewl like dat.

  8. I’m here to remind people about old times,Can i join please just i’ll give it couple weeks but please!

  9. The cow goes moo my friends.

  10. This post from a long time ago *ono*

  11. BIAS

  12. 22nd 😆

  13. So this is the first CPAC’s post xD

  14. Cool, First CPAC post ever! I can’t wait to look back at this in like 3 years and laugh!

  15. Wow this post is so BIAS WOW!! WOW OMG! SRRSLY SRRSYLYLY

  16. I am from the future

  17. bias. acp should be first.

  18. The moment when none of these comments are original because this post had to be restored…

  19. I wonder who actually had the first, REAL comment here as this post is only just a restored version.

  20. Bias ACP should be first.

  21. Started from the bottom, now at the top.

  22. Sigh…. Such a once a bright community, Now A shell of its self

  23. This site will never work
    Woton is on crack

  24. I bet you didn’t think this would happen the CPA Central, Woton.

  25. GGGM Woton

  26. Commenting here just for the lol

  27. Woton is love, Woton is life.

  28. im here from the future to tell you.
    Don’t suck the lemons

  29. I’m here from the future to tell you that CPAC will become popular.

  30. I deserve a medal for finding this (:

  31. IT BEGINS *inception theme plays*

    P.S. 50th like a boss ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  32. I’m creating the BLUESOCKWA ARMY FAGGOTS!!!

  33. Oh, the history 😀

  34. wtf is the advent challenge

  35. Like if you’re watching this in 2015

  36. 57th! anyways, THE FIRST CPAC POST EVER!!!!!!

  37. 61st, sorry m8

  38. Greetings from Future 2016.


  40. What’s a CPAC

  41. skrrt skrrrrrt

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