The Resource Update [REPOST]

Firstly, Some News

After a few days on hiatus, we are finally right back on track to where we plan on going. has now officially entered Phase Two of development, so we have a lot of updates coming your way. One of them is obvious, we have entered into an agreement with CPAC that will allow Club Penguin Army Central to post Army News for us in pertaining to updates in armies and their movements on the map. However we will continue offering content about our Map and Leaderboard over time when it comes to how we operate the map, and what that consists of.

Now, some news about the map other than The Resource Update, we are adding some parameters when it comes to new armies joining the map. In order to assure that armies who have been playing for weeks don’t automatically lose servers because a new army has claims for their servers:

It will be required for new and incoming armies to either invade servers the day of signing up, or have a claim for a Free Land server upon registration, in order to receive servers. We will only accept up to One Free Land Claim.

In all other cases, new armies will most likely not have any servers when they start, and will have to invade servers in order to rise the ranks of the Club Penguin Army Map and Leaderboard.

The Resource Update

The Resource Update has been in the works for some time, and is quite frankly needed now since a World War is seemingly starting up (The Power Alliance vs. DCP). So let’s fill you in on why this update is needed, and how it works.

Disputes are the biggest problem in Club Penguin Armies when it comes to warfare right now. Both armies claim to have won when if anything it was a pretty solid tie. So how do we handle this? Right now we send the dispute through a committee in order to vote on who wins. However, this is not fool proof. So with this update, if a dispute is identical on either side, we will solve the dispute based on Server Fortification Level (Something we have emulated in the past).

Below is Convention Five from The Rules, which talks about how Resources and Server Fortification Works.


Clause 1: Purpose Of Levels

“Levels are to indicate server strength within an army’s nation, they do not function in a way that makes invasions routinely harder, but operate in order to solve server disputes within invasions only by objectifying the battle and to prevent bias opinion. For example, if Army A invades Army B, but they both have the same amount of troops, battle for the same amount of time, and both believe that they have won from excellent performances, if the server is a Level 1-3, the Invasion will be successful. However, if the Level is 4-6, the server will be Defended successfully. Now, in another example, if Army A invades Army B, and either Army A is much larger and has better overall performance than Army B, and adhered to the rest of the Mammoth Conventions, Army A will have invaded successfully.”

Clause 2: Army Guarantees and Server Level Definition

“Armies are guaranteed three starting servers with above default levels when coming into the game. Default level being defined as the lowest tier of Outpost(1). Each new army starting will be given two Forts(3) and one Capitol(6). Armies will have the power to upgrade each of their servers through the following rank structure:

  • Outpost(1) – DEFAULT (Unclaimed Servers)
  • Garrison(2)
  • Fort(3)
  • Stronghold (4)
  • Citadel(5)
  • Capitol(6) (Only for the Capitol, cannot be upgraded to)”

Clause 3: Resources and Server Damage

“Armies will have the power to upgrade their Server Levels by spending Resources gained through successful invasions, and successful diplomatic performance. For every successful Invasion, an army will receive the amount of resource points defined by the Server Level of the conquered server. For example, if an army were to take an Outpost(1), the army would receive (1) Resource to spend on upgrading one of their own servers to a higher fortification level. So if an army were to take a Citadel(5), the army would receive (5) Resources to spend on other servers from the one conquered. See Clause 4 for Spending Resource Regulation.

From time to time, the World Assembly will be able to offer resources based on situations that arise. This is another way for armies to gain resources in order to upgrade servers. For example, if an army collapses due to a coup, and disbands, and leaves behind multiple higher level servers. The resources could be redistributed to the army world. The army with the most votes for who should gain such resources will receive the resources. Resources may also be spent in order to receive more World Assembly representatives for such meetings. (See Clause 4: Spending Resources)

Armies will also have the power to damage servers through successful invasions. Each time a server is conquered, it will be reduced by ONE level that cannot go below Outpost(1). For example, if Army A conquers Army B’s server of Summit, and Summit was a Citadel(5), the server will reduce to Stronghold(4). If an army conquers a Capitol(6), it will reduce to Citadel(5), because each army can only have one Capitol. The army who has lost it’s Capitol can promote a new server to Level 6. This reduction does not affect the amount of Resources given, as the amount of Resources awarded is still the Server Level number at the time of the server being conquered. So if an army takes a Fort(3), the army receives (3)Resources, and the server conquered becomes a Garrison(2)“

Clause 4: Spending Resources

  • Article I: “Resources cannot be spent on a server that has just been conquered for a time period of no less than 48 hours.”
  • Article II: “Resources can be spent on any army’s server that can be upgraded, up to and not above Citadel(5).”
  • Article III: “Resources applied and Resource points yet to be applied will be kept track of by the Server Map.”
  • Article IV: “An army’s leader may contact the Server Map Administrator in order to apply points until otherwise automated by future versions of the Server Map.”
  • Article V: “Resources can be applied to receive one additional representative in World Assembly meetings. One Resource will secure one extra Representative spot for one WA meeting.”

Clause 5: The Successful Win Definition

If two armies are matched in all other areas, and both armies cannot decide a winner and a loser, the invading army will receive a Successful Win if the server is Levels 1-3. If the server is Levels 4-6, the Defending army will receive a Successful Win.”

So in order to get started: 

We will be updating the map to incorporate a number next to every server. Since armies have been playing on this map, we have to hand out a default amount of Resources based on an army’s number of servers to emulate successful invasions and retrieval of Resources. Armies may also directly apply these Resources to Server Levels immediately via this post.

Below is the amount of available Resources to each current army. Each army automatically gets 12 Resources. The Resource Additional amount is being decided by Number of Current Servers Divided by 1.5, and then added to the base number of 12.


  • Ice Warriors – 24 Servers – 28 Resources
  • Doritos of Club Penguin – 17 Servers – 23 Resources
  • Water Vikings – 16 Servers – 22 Resources
  • Dark Warriors – 11 Servers – 20 Resources
  • Rebel Penguin Federation – 11 Servers – 20 Resources
  • Army of Club Penguin – 6 Servers – 17 Resources
  • COBRA – 5 Servers – 16 Resources
  • Blue Miners Army – 4 Servers – 15 resources
  • Smart Penguins – 2 Servers – 13 Resources
  • Army Republic – 0 Servers – 12 Resources
  • Pretzels – 0 Servers – 12 Resources

Now, for army leaders to apply their Resources to their nation, they must fill out the following form and leave it in a comment below:

  1. Army You are Representing
  2. What is your army’s Capitol Server? (6 Resources are Automatically Allocated to your Capitol, minus this from your total amount)
  3. Servers that you are allocating Resources to, please specify in a list with the number of Resources to the right of the server name (Remember, you can only allocate up to 4 Resources per server since by default, a server is Level 1, and there can only be One Capitol that is Level 6)EXAMPLE:
    Toboggan – 3 Resources     (1 + 3 = Stronghold Level 4 Server)
    Thermal – 4 Resources        (1+4 = Citadel Level 5 Server)
    Bonza – 1 Resource              (1+1 = Garrison Level 2 Server)

Resources not allocated will continue to pool up next to your number of servers on the Army Leaderboard. Resources will also dictate your position on the Leaderboard more than number of servers, since number of Resources supersedes your server amount. Think of it basically like counting your number of wins versus other armies, for every war you have ever been in.

The map will officially change to display Server Level Numbers on Sunday, August 23rd, 2015 [postponed until today, September 1st]. The leaderboard will display these numbers even if most resources are not yet applied.


ALL SERVERS BESIDES CAPITOLS THAT WE KNOW ABOUT, will be considered Level 1. Meaning, if your army does not apply its Resources, and your army is in a server dispute, the invaders will ALWAYS win if the dispute is voted to use Server Fortification Level.  If your army does apply Resources, this can be prevented. FOR NOW ON, we will be relying solely on what the Server Number next to the Server Name reads on the map when it comes to server fortification level.

GOING ONWARD FROM THIS: EVERY TIME AN ARMY CONQUERS A SERVER, THE ARMY WILL BE GETTING THAT SERVER’S DESIGNATED AMOUNT OF RESOURCES (THE SERVER LEVEL). If you conquer a Level 5 server, you will receive 5 Resources on the Leaderboard as points to upgrade your current servers. The server taken over will reduce by one level. 

That’s all for now,

~ CPA CEO Commando717

Map Changes

To help the map remain more consistent, and to help armies know what to expect, below is a list of following update times throughout the week.

  • The World Map will be updated on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays
  • The Leaderboard will be updated on Sundays (And occasionally with the World Map).
  • The Join An Army Page will be updated with the Map.
  • New Armies will appear on the map on the nearest future update to when they apply.

Here’s also a quick note on upcoming map changes:

  • The Map will be getting three new buttons to navigate between CPA, CPAC, and SMAP.
  • The Resource Update will soon be active on the map.

~ Commando717 CPA CEO

Doritos of Club Penguin Charging Into New Lands | RPF Takes Fjord

With the Legend’s Cup over, and many wars coming to an end, the Doritos of Club Penguin aim to expand their dominion over the World Map.

With SWAT gone, DCP has issued the invasion of SWAT’s old Capitol of Half Pipe, along with numerous other invasions of land in all regions on the map. Many small army controlled territories are under threat from the Dorito force. From Alaska, to Rocky Road, armies such as Federation Fear (Now called the Club Penguin Agents), the Dark Knights, the Club Penguin Marines, and even the Silver Surfers face having their territory completely conquered by the end of the week.

01 02 03 04

This aggressive expansion by the Doritos will further bring World Powers and other Major Army borders closer and tighter than ever before. This could escalate tensions in some regions as borders become unevenly aligned, which could cause armies to begin to feel uncomfortable, as servers become more valuable when it seems an area is becoming dominant to a single army within a region.

The Doritos aren’t the only army working on taking more territories. The Underground Mafias Army entered the map yesterday with Fjord as their first server, sadly, RPF had already an invasion in motion, and the server was conquered some time Tuesday.


This is the first of two invasions in progress in the Far East. RPF’s added control on the Far East continent could strike uneven feelings with the Water Vikings, who also have had previous aims to expand majorly in the area.

We will continue to track the events as they unfold.

~ Commando717 CPA CEO

RPF Aims to Expand Borders – World Map Dispute?

The Rebel Penguin Federation has been riding the gravy train over the last few weeks, taking multiple Legend’s Cup Tournament wins, and then eventually winning the entire CPAC sponsored tournament. RPF has proved itself not only as a force to be reckoned with, but as a nation ready to grow after an influx of new recruits and new training programs. The RPF have posted Invasions against previously owned Nacho territory, and as I write this post, will be deploying troops into Fjord in exactly twenty four hours from now.

Elmikey, the RPF Leader, explains their actions in the following statement:

“[W]e have scheduled to invade Fjord [Former Nacho Capital] on Tuesday. All of the Nachos land reverted to free land. We will conquer what we can starting with Fjord before another army does. Due to the Nachos not owning any land they will be recognized as a rogue force.”


It is true the Nachos previous land is showing up as Free Land. Last server update, the Nachos got into contact with, and requested that they wanted to be taken off the World Map. CPA complied with their wishes, and are still working on removing Nacho based graphics on our website. Due to this unusual request, we alerted them that they would be no longer playing on the World Map, and thus we would revert their servers to Free Land in order to stop tracking their movements. No objections were accounted for.

That was until recently when the Nachos posted defenses against the Rebel Penguin Federation for coming after Fjord whilst posted Invasions of RPF servers. In fact, they have posted four Invasions of RPF territory all within a single day. B Batman 3, the Nacho Leader, explains:

“[T]he Nachos left the server map due to our disagreement with the way it’s run. RPF claims we have abandoned our nation, but that map doesn’t mean ********. That map has no relevance.”

It sounds more like the map was still relevant enough to post defenses of their prior land claims.

The World Map’s mission and primary function is to provide clarity in Server/Nation Claims, and to help organize wars and battles. It is not a requirement to sign up for the World Map, nor is it an obligation to abide by it. Although, the map is self contained, and armies who want to participate then legitimize the map in regards to adding security over their land claims in accordance to the entire community within the map. It’s used as a tool for armies to display where they are in the world, and to ward off predators in a previously uncertain system. Armies use to be able to claim upwards of 60+ servers, without any relevance (or actual invasions of said servers), since six other armies also claimed to own the same servers. That era is effectively over, since with armies who participate on the World Map, everyone is in agreement over who owns what. Which allows warfare to continue in a meaningful way. I surely won’t miss the RPF vs. Nacho War of 2013, where both sides claimed victory for every single battle.

The Nachos choosing not to objectify their servers has gotten them into a pickle, as the map will not be able to record Nacho Victories, Defeats, or Disputes, without their consent, since they’re not technically playing against CPA Certified Armies. This further adds more scrutiny, as it will appear RPF is just conquering Free Land and encountering rogue forces- with those forces being the famed Nachos.

I believe that then this situation brings up the question, if the World Map has no relevance to the Nachos (having elected to be taken off), why should the invasions of an army playing on it have relevance to them either? For the Nachos, they could just ignore all RPF Invasions, and still own their servers at the end of the day.

Adding to this developing dispute, multiple new armies have actual legitimate land claims of some previous Nacho territory already in the next map update (Coming out Monday, 24th, 2015) (Later Today). RPF will be battling those armies for server control throughout this week.

~ Commando717 CPA CEO

Silver Surfers Transfer Nation to IW | Frostbite Conquered by WV

Over the last week, there has been a lot of shifting around on the World Map. One of the biggest shifts may not have been observed as it was not highly publicized when it happened. The Silver Surfers transferred 13 of their current servers to the Ice Warriors, for extended protection after a few weeks of slow activity. Will this transfer protect their servers? Or will the Ice Warriors be reluctant to give the servers back? Although these situations have been iffy in the past, this helps ward off potential enemies of the Silver Surfers, especially since the Ice Warriors are usually very concerned about their land claims.


Multiple times the Ice Warriors have threatened all out war against adversaries aiming to take land within their region. Only a few weeks ago, RPF had to call off its invasion of Tundra as the Ice Warrior war machine planned to not only defend Tundra, but to invade all RPF servers. This was as brutal as a threat as they come, and RPF backed down within hours. When the SRA were still on the map, SRA invaded multiple IW territories, even successfully capturing Thermal at the heart of the IW continent. This resulted in a conflict that ended with SRA surrendering not only the IW land claims, but all land claims. They shut down shortly soon after.


The Ice Warriors have made it apparent that they are not a nation to be messed with. Highly territorial behavior coupled with a strong force makes for a deadly encounter. Which brings to light a possible war in the making. The Water Vikings have successfully conquered the server of Frostbite only a few days ago, a server that used to be their Capitol in the past. There hasn’t been any Ice Warrior reaction to this movement yet, and we don’t expect it to be well received. It’s without a doubt the Ice Warriors will soon make a statement or take action on the event, but we can only but wonder if the response will be different, considering the Water Vikings recently went to the finals in CPAC’s Legend’s Cup.

For the Silver Surfers, the response is certain.

~ Commando717 CPA CEO

“Oh, how the tables have turned” | DCP Wins War Against Power Alliance | SWAT Shuts Down

Have they?

Sprouting from an ongoing dispute involving bot involvement, multiple armies last week formed “The Power Alliance” in order to take down the now, more than powerful, Doritos of Club Penguin. SWAT, DW, BMA, SP, and a few other armies advanced on DCP territory, resulting in a few victories. Wind Chill and Ice Breaker were successfully captured, but DCP were soon to respond by taking Beanbag, invading in record sizes comparable to that of the 2013 RPF Aurora Invasion, or Boomer20 Era ACP.




To say the least, the Power Alliance no longer looked all that Powerful. The Dark Warriors dropped out, followed by SP. BMA and SWAT issued full on surrenders against their enemy. In the BMA surrender, they gave up the territories of Patagonia and Below Zero, earning DCP more control in the North East island chains. SWAT, unbelievably, surrendered their entire nation. All but the server of Half Pipe. This resulted in a internal dispute, but the deal was already made, DCP now had control of SWAT’s entire previous conquest against ACP.

bma swat-surrender4

This internal dispute in SWAT soon resulted in the entire army closing its doors yesterday afternoon, Ganger90 saying in his farewell post “It appears that our unfinished business has been finished”, referring to the victories sustained throughout the ACP/SWAT war. It seems now that business will remain unfinished, as some believe DCP may move to give back previously conquered servers to their ally, the ACP.

DCP now has the largest nation in the history of the World Map, sporting 34 territories across all continents.


No army has ever grown so quickly over night. But better yet, the DCP wasn’t small to begin with. By no means was this an upset- if anything, a dominant army proving their worth. I wouldn’t say the tables were ever not in DCP’s favor due to the consistent army building they have been doing over the last few weeks. Now the only question is, will DCP continue to grow and conquer more servers? Time will only tell.

For now, DCP celebrates their victory.

~ Commando717 CPA CEO


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Hello Readers,


I am going to update you on the recent movements that have been happening in Army Central. I can’t reveal everything as it’s a secret but I feel you have the right to know what is happening as you are part of army central as the public as much as we are too.

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