Notice On Map and Operation

I just wanted to leave a quick note:

School has started up for me, and it is becoming apparent that it’s going to be too demanding to continue my full obligations here. This explains the last two updates of the map being missed. I will be attending the meeting on the 19th, and am currently discussing with a few other Legends the possibility of them helping directly update the map with me playing a role in the background of operations.

Currently, the map is a one man job, and relies on the idea that my schedule can always be free enough to do it. If I can get others to help keep track of all the changes from update to update, I can easily update the map in a matter of minutes once I know what colors to change. I am hoping this will be obtainable, and could be a viable way to get more leaders currently leading in the community to be directly involved with the map.

We will discuss this in depth in the Major Forum meeting this Saturday.

~ Commando717


Map Rule Changes 9/11/15


New Armies Joining the Map Regulations:

  • Can claim one server that is Free Land (if available)
  • To have servers on Sign Up, the army must schedule up to three maximum Invasions the day of Signing Up.
  • New Armies are REQUIRED to alert other armies via comment that they are invading on the Invasion Alerts page.


Originally I was going to say that the Defending Army must be notified via comment on their blog. But I just realized “not having gotten the comment” could be an excuse to ignore invasions, even if the invaders did comment. Instead I’m making a page called “Invasion Alerts”, where armies can post the times for their future invasions for all armies to know about. I am very against armies shrugging off small armies who want their land more than they do.

This page will function as outlined by the following:

  • It is REQUIRED for armies to post on their BLOG the event times (Must be 24 hours before the scheduled Invasion) to alert armies that the Invasion is occurring.
  • [EDIT] It is OPTIONAL but RECOMMENDED to keep your Invasion Event posts, posted after the Invasion as evidence of a 24 Hour Notice.
  • It is OPTIONAL to post a comment with the same information on the Invasion Alerts page, this comment will make your Invasion more valid since you will be declaring to the World that you are invading in one location, where all Army Leaders can check the page. It is highly recommended that new and small armies always post their invasions on the Invasion Alerts page.
  • Not posting a comment on the Invasion Alerts page means your invasions could be disputed in validity, especially if you are a small army and we can’t find solid evidence to support you.

Fashion Festival Review

LOL, tres amigos idiotos!

With this month’s Club Penguin party coming to an end I would like to give a review of the overall experience. This is the first part of the monthly Party Review series. Let me know in the comments if you would like to see more party reviews as soon as later parties happen.

Decorations: The decorations were amazing! Hardly any of the rooms were overhauled to the point were they looked nothing like their original design and shape and the decorations were nice and simple. However, because they were nice and simple decorations, there should really have been a few more rooms decorated. There could have been rooms with balloons and arrows pointing to the main event rooms. For example, the beach having a few balloons and arrows pointing to the Dock.

Now, let’s get to each aspect of the party.

Items: Although there wasn’t a party catalog, the Penguin Style contained a very large variety of new and old items. The Club Penguin Team brought back a ton of rare items to show players that being rare isn’t what the game is about. The non-members page in the catalog was updated with new items and non-members got two pages of old items to buy. Dot’s giveaway background looks rather nice.

Fashion Challenges and Voting: The fashion Challenges were brilliant. You could enter a range of different categories and to enter more you had to vote for other players clothing. Everyone could vote between two players ten times and earn likes.

Storyline: For the Fashion festival, there didn’t need to be a big storyline as it’s an original CP party. Dot discovered after many years that she had a new passion for fashion, decided to have the civilian cover ‘Dot the Design Gal’, became the islands fashionista, and finally became a mutable mascot.

Replay Value: There was a great replay value at the event. Every 3 days, three new fashion challenges were unlocked and players could yet again create an outfit and vote. There was a great incentive to keep voting as you earned coins.

Mascot: Finally! My favourite Club Penguin character, Dot, became a mascot. She was a great mascot for the Fashion Festival. At least it wasn’t the slang loving girly girl Cadence.

Miscellaneous: The party emote matched the theme of the party well.

Ways With Warfare: Party exclusive emote were used a couple of times as tactics in Major armies, but weren’t as memorable as some of the other party exclusive emote in the past. Some items did stay in my mind as landmarks and could become parts of some army’s uniform line. All in all, the party did not have a major effect on armies.

Conclusion: Overall, I am going to rate the Fashion Festival a 6/10!

Below is Think Noodle’s full uncut walk-through of the map and the party!

Let me know what you think in the comments bellow. Also tell me how I could improve these posts in the future!


First Official World Assembly Meeting – Times and Information

Hey everybody, I’ve been really busy lately, and so has the good majority of staff here at CPA. Since I’ve only have had a limited amount of time, I have been devoting my time to making sure that the World Map is updated every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, along with the Leaderboard, Resources, and the Join An Army page. We have been up to date, and with our new schedule, triumphantly more reliable. The World Map has been so far very successful in solving disputes, and keeping things generally interesting. It has been exciting to witness what we have accomplished so far, and just as exciting to see the wars that have played out in front of our eyes for the first time.

Now that the majority of our construction is complete, along with working with major news site such as CPAC and SMAP, we can now move a direction of uniting the community like never before. We will be holding the first Official World Assembly Meeting. We have had one before, but that was when our site wasn’t built, and we have tried to schedule a few that didn’t pan out just due to the lack of hype we didn’t work on generating.

Simply put, our process is very time consuming, and we want to share that process by giving armies a bigger voice in it to help make sure the system we have created works the best it can, and also so we can continue to be representative for all armies playing against each other. We want more people who want to get involved to be involved. This shouldn’t be a system that nobody can have a say in. We want to find ways to make it better, and uniting the community will do just that.


So in the World Assembly Meeting, we will be doing a few things, such as electing the Major Forum Minister and the Minor Forum Minister. These roles will act as Judges who will oversee discussion, and keep the chat moving in a productive manner for future meetings to come. These positions are elected by the members of the World Assembly Major and Minor Forums. We will then be having a general discussion about the operation of the World Map, what can be done better, discuss concerns and possible amendments, and set up the structure for how these meetings will function in the future. We have a lot of information available about how they are supposed to function on the World Assembly page already.

We already have some contenders who are running for these positions, but of course during the meeting, the Major and Minor Forum can vote to elect another official who isn’t in the running. Whoever has the most votes will become the Major/Minor Forum Minister for a period of 6 Months, or in this case, until January 1st, 2016. (These Ministers will hold the rank of Owner on ArmyCentral for this time period)

Below are the current Candidates, you may sign up via this post to run with your name and other credentials to be displayed here up until the meeting.


Akabob22 – 7 YearsArmy Legend and Nacho Leader

Roberto – 6 Years | LT Legend/Leader | DSGHQ Forum Administrator (OldCP Forums), Administrator Various


Gordon Edwards – 4 Years | PBK, NSCPA, SPA, SRA Leader | SMAC, SMAP, CPSMACN, Director of CPSS, Vice President of CPOS,

Popcorny – SN, GM, SP, SP, SR, Leader, 2IC Various


Major and Minor Forum Members – Who Should Be Attending

The Major Forum will consist of the Leaders (Limited 2 Per Army) of World Powers and Major Armies on the Leaderboard.

The Minor Forum will consist of the Leaders (Limited 2 Per Army) of Minor Armies and Rogue Groups on the Leaderboard.



CPA_Buttons CPAC_Button SMAP_Button

Times [Will Be Relayed On CPAC and SMAP]


 Major Forum Session

September 19th, 2015

Location: in the Major Forum

Time: 3:00 EST | 2:00 CST | 1:00 MST | 12:00 PST

Duration: 1 Hour


Minor Forum Session

September 19th, 2015

Location: in the Minor Forum

Time: 4:00 EST | 3:00 CST | 2:00 MST | 1:00 PST

Duration: 1 Hour


General Assembly Session [Optional Attendance] 
[The General Assembly is just an Open Discussion for all members of armies to voice opinions and talk with fellow army members]

Invited: Everyone

September 19th, 2015

Location: in the Minor Forum

Time: 5:00 PM EST | 4:00 PM  CST | 3:00 PM  MST | 2:00 PM PST

Duration: Open Ended


Hope to see you all there!

~ Commando717

World Assembly Meeting


Good Evening,


The time has come again for our monthly world assembly meeting to take place.

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Map Changes

To help the map remain more consistent, and to help armies know what to expect, below is a list of following update times throughout the week.

  • The World Map will be updated on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays
  • The Leaderboard will be updated on Sundays (And occasionally with the World Map).
  • The Join An Army Page will be updated with the Map.
  • New Armies will appear on the map on the nearest future update to when they apply.

Here’s also a quick note on upcoming map changes:

  • The Map will be getting three new buttons to navigate between CPA, CPAC, and SMAP.
  • The Resource Update will soon be active on the map.

~ Commando717 CPA CEO

Doritos of Club Penguin Charging Into New Lands | RPF Takes Fjord

With the Legend’s Cup over, and many wars coming to an end, the Doritos of Club Penguin aim to expand their dominion over the World Map.

With SWAT gone, DCP has issued the invasion of SWAT’s old Capitol of Half Pipe, along with numerous other invasions of land in all regions on the map. Many small army controlled territories are under threat from the Dorito force. From Alaska, to Rocky Road, armies such as Federation Fear (Now called the Club Penguin Agents), the Dark Knights, the Club Penguin Marines, and even the Silver Surfers face having their territory completely conquered by the end of the week.

01 02 03 04

This aggressive expansion by the Doritos will further bring World Powers and other Major Army borders closer and tighter than ever before. This could escalate tensions in some regions as borders become unevenly aligned, which could cause armies to begin to feel uncomfortable, as servers become more valuable when it seems an area is becoming dominant to a single army within a region.

The Doritos aren’t the only army working on taking more territories. The Underground Mafias Army entered the map yesterday with Fjord as their first server, sadly, RPF had already an invasion in motion, and the server was conquered some time Tuesday.


This is the first of two invasions in progress in the Far East. RPF’s added control on the Far East continent could strike uneven feelings with the Water Vikings, who also have had previous aims to expand majorly in the area.

We will continue to track the events as they unfold.

~ Commando717 CPA CEO

RPF Aims to Expand Borders – World Map Dispute?

The Rebel Penguin Federation has been riding the gravy train over the last few weeks, taking multiple Legend’s Cup Tournament wins, and then eventually winning the entire CPAC sponsored tournament. RPF has proved itself not only as a force to be reckoned with, but as a nation ready to grow after an influx of new recruits and new training programs. The RPF have posted Invasions against previously owned Nacho territory, and as I write this post, will be deploying troops into Fjord in exactly twenty four hours from now.

Elmikey, the RPF Leader, explains their actions in the following statement:

“[W]e have scheduled to invade Fjord [Former Nacho Capital] on Tuesday. All of the Nachos land reverted to free land. We will conquer what we can starting with Fjord before another army does. Due to the Nachos not owning any land they will be recognized as a rogue force.”


It is true the Nachos previous land is showing up as Free Land. Last server update, the Nachos got into contact with, and requested that they wanted to be taken off the World Map. CPA complied with their wishes, and are still working on removing Nacho based graphics on our website. Due to this unusual request, we alerted them that they would be no longer playing on the World Map, and thus we would revert their servers to Free Land in order to stop tracking their movements. No objections were accounted for.

That was until recently when the Nachos posted defenses against the Rebel Penguin Federation for coming after Fjord whilst posted Invasions of RPF servers. In fact, they have posted four Invasions of RPF territory all within a single day. B Batman 3, the Nacho Leader, explains:

“[T]he Nachos left the server map due to our disagreement with the way it’s run. RPF claims we have abandoned our nation, but that map doesn’t mean ********. That map has no relevance.”

It sounds more like the map was still relevant enough to post defenses of their prior land claims.

The World Map’s mission and primary function is to provide clarity in Server/Nation Claims, and to help organize wars and battles. It is not a requirement to sign up for the World Map, nor is it an obligation to abide by it. Although, the map is self contained, and armies who want to participate then legitimize the map in regards to adding security over their land claims in accordance to the entire community within the map. It’s used as a tool for armies to display where they are in the world, and to ward off predators in a previously uncertain system. Armies use to be able to claim upwards of 60+ servers, without any relevance (or actual invasions of said servers), since six other armies also claimed to own the same servers. That era is effectively over, since with armies who participate on the World Map, everyone is in agreement over who owns what. Which allows warfare to continue in a meaningful way. I surely won’t miss the RPF vs. Nacho War of 2013, where both sides claimed victory for every single battle.

The Nachos choosing not to objectify their servers has gotten them into a pickle, as the map will not be able to record Nacho Victories, Defeats, or Disputes, without their consent, since they’re not technically playing against CPA Certified Armies. This further adds more scrutiny, as it will appear RPF is just conquering Free Land and encountering rogue forces- with those forces being the famed Nachos.

I believe that then this situation brings up the question, if the World Map has no relevance to the Nachos (having elected to be taken off), why should the invasions of an army playing on it have relevance to them either? For the Nachos, they could just ignore all RPF Invasions, and still own their servers at the end of the day.

Adding to this developing dispute, multiple new armies have actual legitimate land claims of some previous Nacho territory already in the next map update (Coming out Monday, 24th, 2015) (Later Today). RPF will be battling those armies for server control throughout this week.

~ Commando717 CPA CEO

Silver Surfers Transfer Nation to IW | Frostbite Conquered by WV

Over the last week, there has been a lot of shifting around on the World Map. One of the biggest shifts may not have been observed as it was not highly publicized when it happened. The Silver Surfers transferred 13 of their current servers to the Ice Warriors, for extended protection after a few weeks of slow activity. Will this transfer protect their servers? Or will the Ice Warriors be reluctant to give the servers back? Although these situations have been iffy in the past, this helps ward off potential enemies of the Silver Surfers, especially since the Ice Warriors are usually very concerned about their land claims.


Multiple times the Ice Warriors have threatened all out war against adversaries aiming to take land within their region. Only a few weeks ago, RPF had to call off its invasion of Tundra as the Ice Warrior war machine planned to not only defend Tundra, but to invade all RPF servers. This was as brutal as a threat as they come, and RPF backed down within hours. When the SRA were still on the map, SRA invaded multiple IW territories, even successfully capturing Thermal at the heart of the IW continent. This resulted in a conflict that ended with SRA surrendering not only the IW land claims, but all land claims. They shut down shortly soon after.


The Ice Warriors have made it apparent that they are not a nation to be messed with. Highly territorial behavior coupled with a strong force makes for a deadly encounter. Which brings to light a possible war in the making. The Water Vikings have successfully conquered the server of Frostbite only a few days ago, a server that used to be their Capitol in the past. There hasn’t been any Ice Warrior reaction to this movement yet, and we don’t expect it to be well received. It’s without a doubt the Ice Warriors will soon make a statement or take action on the event, but we can only but wonder if the response will be different, considering the Water Vikings recently went to the finals in CPAC’s Legend’s Cup.

For the Silver Surfers, the response is certain.

~ Commando717 CPA CEO